Siemens RDJ10RF boiler controller

Jesus this the simplest timer given to man! A1 time on A2 time off A3 time on A4 time off.. The sun setting is temp u want when on, say 21deg ,..the moon is temp u want when off say 12deg, then slide to run an switch on auto to take effect. If you put on sun mode it will be 21deg as that's what u set in the sun setting, if u slide to the moon it will be 12deg as that what you set
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I agree Bunnyman, your thoughts are the same as mine.

I think the confusion arises when when comparing this device to a normal programmer with separate thermostat. With that setup if the timer is OFF nothing, apart from FROST override, will wake the boiler up, even if the thermostat is turned up and calling for heat whereas in the case of this controller the boiler in a ready state and will fire up even in what is perceived to be the OFF period.

Phew, what a ride eh?
When you turn the dial it overrides the current setting regardless of the timer. It will stay on this setting until the next timer setting switches it back.
Oops, in my eagerness to quote DAN I forgot my question!

If, during the MOON phase, I turn the dial to increase the displayed temperature to a value higher than the current room temperature the boiler fires up, even when the programmed timer (A4 in my case) is OFF. This appears to be some sort of override function but how long will the boiler stay on for? Will the temperature I have selected stay as the required MOON temp and never return to the programmed 5C setting?

Very strange :confused:

I have one of these things fitted in my holiday home.
fitted by the mobile home makers.

it has a mind of its own.!
sun is set to 21 deg
moon to 5 deg

it always turns the heating on
but after the prog has turned off , it will often just turn the heating on again
if the temp drops below the 21deg sun setting, even tho it says its off..!

So I cannot trust it at all and turn my boiler off at the mains when I go out

decided to change it to a honywell unit.
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