Silk emulsion peeling off matt underneath

22 May 2015
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United Kingdom
Not experienced this before and it's really got me confused - not an expert but I've done a fair amount of decorating in my time.

Just started decorating a room which was matt emulsion all round. Did the usual sugar soap wash, followed by two clean rinses.
I then rollered a B&Q colours white matt emulsion, then filled any imperfections.

Then began painting.. 3 walls and ceiling with dulux silk, 1 with a valspar silk. Two coats of the Valspar, three of the dulux, all finished and looking fantastic. Then i noticed a dreaded drip on a 4 day dry wall so i went to sand it off but as i did so the paint started lifting and peeling away - some of it in big strips. Infuriated at it getting worse and worse and knowing i couldn't feather it i ended up peeling the whole wall off!! Now i'm having similar issues on two of the other walls, can't feather it but doesn't peel as easy with a scraper / chisel.
The back of the peeled paint is white so it's taken the white matt coat off with it, the walls feel a bit dusty now (but didn't before I applied the silk!!).

What on earth could have gone so wrong?
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Seems very strange you prepared ok and even if it was a very old paint job using distemper it would have shown up with the sugar soap wash.
Not a fan of own brand emulsion perhaps the white was iffy, have you tried doing a patch with the dulux to see if it adheres better?
Silk is awful stuff. The mistake you made is not thinning your first silk coat. The matt has sucked out the moisture before the silk had a chance to grip.
Thanks for the replies.. I'll give both a normal and thin coat a go in patches and see what happens! Joe-90 just water to thin it? Any suggestions of ratio?
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I'd go 20% water. The give away is the powdery surface. That won't happen if you thin it.
Meant to reply to this a while ago. I watered down a matt coat first, then a watered down silk, then silk on top (only done a small patch of the neat silk so far but seems to have done the trick!)

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