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Single skin garage wall lintels

Discussion in 'Building' started by ntl142, 2 Jun 2020.

  1. ntl142


    3 Oct 2017
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    United Kingdom
    I'm planning on making two openings/doorways in the wall of my detached garage. They'll be internal openings (enclosed on both sides of the wall). The picture attached shows the plan.

    Wall - Copy.JPG

    The walls are single skin brick on 6" recinforced concrete. The suspended wooden ceiling is supported on joists, which in turn rest on the horizontal wood bolted to the wall just above the openings (painted white, hard to see, has a few nails sticking out of it to hang things on). The garage roof is pitched timber/felt and the joists are built into the wall (alternating with the suspended ceiling joists). You can see the left and right ends of the wall (workbench and roller door).

    The openings will be with 1200mm and 1050mm lintels, each with 100mm bearings (biggest opening is 1000mm). There will be 4 courses of bricks above the lintels once finished.

    I'm happy with the vertical loads from the roof and suspended ceiling and lintel selection, and the process of making the openings. I just had a thought about the brick pier though.

    Am I ok with these two openings, with the brick pier between providing enough outward/inward support to the wall once I've made the openings, or do I need to add new piers where the yellow boxes are?

    Any issues you can see with putting two openings so close together?

    Thank you.
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  3. domdee


    29 Nov 2016
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    East Yorkshire
    United Kingdom
    i think piers would be helpful as if the doors are swung in anger the wall might shake some what. or if wind grabs hold of them.
    you could tie the piers into the cheeks of the door openings. this would add a lot of strength.
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