Skim directly over lath ceiling

11 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom

Have recently removed wallpaper (very thick, looks decades old!) from our ceiling!

Beneath is paint which is in a right old state (partly hanging off where the glue from the paper pulled it off).

The ceiling is lath plaster and looks in very good nick, am I able to give this a quick skim with multifinish (say 2mm prepped with pva) without having to plasterboard?

Am not a plasterer, but have successfully skimmed walls in the past, have just not had to worry about the ceilings.....until now!!

If i cannot skim directly, am thinking that several layers of paint will hide this, or to play safe will remove what I can and line.

Am also thinking that skimming a ceiling is a total different kettle of fish compared to doing a wall, should I worry?

Thanks in advance :)
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have a look at the upper surface.

Old L&P ceilings frequently suffer from:

broken nibs where the plaster is meant to bulge or flop over the laths to hold itself on

rotten laths

rusted nails holding the laths to the joists

There are ways to repair these, but unless it is a complex moulded antique ceiling it is not usually worth the effort
Skimming a ceiling is a different animal to skimming a wall, if you haven't done it before. Also you must make sure the ceiling is free of old paste as the plaster wont go off if there is any left on when you skim... Good Luck.....
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Good Luck.....

you'll need it :D

lol - cheers!!!!!

we do need all of the ceilings starting off upstairs, but just to add complexity most of them are sloped when they near an outside wall. shying away and getting an expert in.....very rough guess, do you have an idea what a 12x12 foot room would cost (we are on the Kent/London border and happy for a cash job!):

a) just the ceiling
b) if the walls were also skimmed

Finally....I know you should start with the ceiling, but would it be much hassle for a plasterer if I done the walls then got them to come in for the ceiling?

cheers everyone!!! :)
£100 quid for a ceiling that size where i am, and it wouldnt bother me if you plastered the walls 1st and cant imagine why it should bother anyone for that matter.

why not start on the smallest ceiling ? you may not find it as difficult as we would like you to believe ;)
cheers alastair,

If it's only £100 (or there abouts) then I'm happy to pay :)

But I will do the walls myself first as I'm comfortable in doing them, just read somewhere that plasterers like to start from the top and work down to stop any splatter on freshly skimmed walls.

the smallest ceiling is not ready yet...have been ordered that I must do the main bedroom first while she's busy choosing the colour design!

think I'll try the downstairs ceilings (which are nice and flat), just not upstairs as they are....well, all odd in shape!

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