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24 Aug 2011
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United Kingdom
We've got a TV Coax coming in just over the skirting board. I was originally going to rip the skirting board off and run the cable around the room behind the new skirting board.

Now I've realised removing the skirting board isn't an option and I want run it under the carpet, snug to the wall. (I don't want to get into a squable about the reasons or wisdom for that, that's the way it is, bodge or no.)

So now I have the problem of getting the cable down over the skirting board:

I'm tempted to chisel a channel in the skirting board and fill with wood filler but it feels like a horrific bodge.

Anyone got a nicer idea?
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Drill down behind the back of the skirting with a (very) long drill bit. drill far enough and you will hit the floor board below. You can then run the cable under the floor, lifting boards as necessary.

If you can't lift boards then drill down, make a small mouse hole at the bottom of the skirting so that you can pull the cable through. there may be enough space under the skirting to squeeze the cable into, if not chisel away at the part of the skirting under the length of the skirting to make space.

Funilly enough i had to do the same today but with the cable initially coming out of a floor board, and then run it up on the inside of the skirting.
you have 3 choices really :D
run round the skirting and pin
trunking or hidden
hidden can be under the floor into the wall behind the skirting or via the outside or under the floor your choice really
there's a cost to every choice hidden can be expensive repair wise and cost wise
What I would do is as follows,

pull out coax from other side of wall whether that be outside the house or in another room. Drill a new hole form inside out at the bottom of the skirting board. If this is an external wall the keep the angle of the hole running down.

Then run the coax under the carpet. Unless there is a big enough gap under skirting board which I doubt. Have the coax between the gripper and the underlay rather than against the skirting as this will restrict carpet from tucking behind the gripper. Most carpet fitters will be familiar with this process.
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I would definitely take them off and put it behind, then its done once and for all!

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