slow pc

26 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi got a slow pc pentium 3 866 mhz..512mb xp pro service pack 2 all updates checked for viruses with norton..checked for spyware withe spy sweeper and adaware all clean...did a full format and reinstall pc the same..pc was capable of playing dvd's but not any more very jerky....spysweeper takes approx 30 mins to scan it did take about 8.. slow opening programs does not like more than one program open at once any sugestions to problem ie processor....memory was that bad i got another pc...but would be gould to fix...:cool:..thanks for any advise
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Check what 'automagic' programs are running in the background, could be 'slugging-up' the normal processes
As you have reinstalled XP, we can probably assume a clean system. I would first test the hard drive using one of the manufacturer diagnostic tools. The free tools for the popular drives can be found :

here for Maxtor

here for Western Digital

here for Seagate. This site has a browser scanner, which is cool.

The tools, unlike scandisk, will perform a low level diagnostic and also analyse the SMART status (if applicable).
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Thanks for replies..changed hard drive things are better... :D