pc rebooting prob

10 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
hiya all my sister has a pentium 4 pc , xp pro , had norton anti virus runned fine , pc is only year old . Any way she just got new bt broadband upgrade 8 mb download and paid extra for there iss internet security and another virus software from them . she uninstalled norton loaded new software and ever since pc keeps rebooting and crashing . i thought it strange to reboot crash freeze yes . any thoughts guys as shes had to take all virus software off, and its ok now but shes not secure . could it be norton hiding on pc?
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try a search , it would seem that a lot of people have problems with norton (so i read) in that when you remove it you havent, it leaves bits behind and causes problems.

why not try avg from grisoft.com and zonealarm both free
Norton can be a real awkward customer to remove completely. It leaves your system registry littered with shrapnell.

If the computer is running a fairly recent version of Norton (which seems likely) it can be totally removed with this tool provided by the manufacturers ...


As a general rule NEVER allow more than one antivirus and one firewall to operate on a computer system at any one time. They will clash with each other and cause system protection failures.

Also, if the computer is using the Windows built-in firewall.... DON'T. It's as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Uninstall Norton and follow breezer's excellent advice if you can remembering the warnings mentioned above.

AVG from here .... http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/2/

Zone Alarm from here .... http://www.zonelabs.com/store/content/company/products/znalm/freeDownload.jsp

If the troubles continue post back again and we'll come up with more suggstions.

Please give as much details in the post to help us narrow down the source of any problem.

hi pc help man thanks for that she already had it sorted she at last got someone on bt help line to help her , it was her microsoft firewall been ok since . but i think shes still got norton on pc anyway thanks for link cheers
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By "microsoft firewall" I presume the built-in firewall I mentioned on my last post. I hope the "help" BT gave was to switch that firewall off.

If it is used on a computer and something goes wrong don't blame us!! Like I said before the Windoze firewall is next to useless.

Let's hope BT have something on the network to protect her or that she has a hardware firewall.

Windoze firewall is next to useless
useless indeed at stopping outgoing traffic sa it doesnt, it does stop some incoming though so IMO better than nothing. People also think they are well protected with a £30 nat router, not much better than windows firewall really.
hi all yes it was the built in xp firewall they told her to turn off. i told u wrong about the new antivirus program bt sold her for a 4 pound monthly fee . its called etrust ez antivirus have any of you heard of it ? and by the way whats panda antivirus like?
I don't use ez antivirus but others I know give it a reasonable "thumbs up". Here's a useful review from a good source, cnet ....


On Panda similar comments to above but also to say I've experienced other users who have backtracked on it but had a fair amount of trouble uninstalling it. It won't go away easily.

Again cnet's pros and cons here ....


Hope this helps out.

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