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25 Aug 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I need to sort out a soakaway for my house/new extension and driveway.

The house currently has 3 soakaways that receive all the rainwater from the original roof, they still work fine but bizarrely are roughly 1m from the downpipes.

I need to deal with the extra rainfall from my new extension roof and as such I've calculated a 1m3 soakaway will be sufficient.

I can't site the soakaway more than 5m away from the front of the house, I want to site it 3.5m away is this going to cause issues?

Severn trent have made it very clear I can't put anything back into the public sewers as they are ready at breaking point in our area.

We are also having a tarmac drive laid, the run off from this can't leave the property my plan was to have a circular area of gravel in the centre of the drive with the soakaway about 1m down below this gravel, the drive fall could then be made to drain into this gravel and then it will filter down to the soakaway, id then have pipework from the downpipes to take the rainwater to the soakaway too.

I can't find any information of having soakaways less than 5m from the house and currently can't get hold of my building inspector either and the jobs scheduled to be sorted on Monday

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Spoke to my building inspector this morning, he's happy for me to site the soakaway 4m from the house.

I do however need to double the size to 2m3 to allow for run off from the drive due to its size
rain water can even drain much closer to the foundation, you might find the attached study useful


  • fact_sheet_suds_close_to_buildings.pdf
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Jobs done now, dug a 5.3x1.3m trench 1.5m deep (building inspector was happier with shallower trench once he was on site)

Pea gravelled the bottom out, 10 soakaway crates in wrapped in drivetex, pipe from downpipe to crates, then the whole lot back filled.

A.hard 10 hours work even with a digger but it's all done and signed off now.


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