Socket in Loft, safe zone query

14 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom

I want to provide power in my loft to power a PC server, ethernet switch and additionally run power down to a socket I will mount high on the bedroom wall for a TV.

I've taken a spur from a socket on the ring main, attached this to a switched FCU next to the socket and then taken a cable from the FCU vertically into the loft where I will place several sockets.

Would the safe zone be considered to also be vertical/horizonal from the FCU like a socket or switch? I presume so, but just checking :D

Can I also confirm that I can have as many sockets as I like (not that there will be many!) on the load side of the FCU as its fitted with a 13amp fuse.

Also, if I wanted lighting in the loft could I take a further spur off one of the new sockets I put in, run this to a 5A FCU then to some lights? I presume not as its a spur from a spur but just want to check.

Thanks for any help.
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That's a tick-in-the-box re the safe zones.

Another tick-in-the-box re the number of sockets.

Another tick-in-the-box re the light - it's not a spur from a spur, it's acting as a fused switch so it's fine.

..or you could simply plug a light into one of your new sockets.

When you say tick for the lights, I presume that means I CANNOT spur from one of the new loft sockets? EDIT - Got your response, so I can do this, OK.

Good point, it may just be easier then to place a socket near to the loft hatch and put in a plug with a 5A fuse going to the lights :D
If you use a 5amp switched FCU for the lights as you first said , located near the lofthatch it can also be used as the light switch

Just wire the lighting SFCU in like you would an extra socket.

This can be wired into the loft wiring, between the bedroom FCU and the first socket, on the wire between any of the sockets or from the the last socket, but it is neater to keep it as a mini radial starting at the bedroom FCU rather than a sort of tree branch circuit .
That way you will only have two cables in each socket.

The FCU in the bedroom is fusing it all down to 13amp, and if you wire it as above you will not have to spur off or create 3 cables in the socket to supply the lighting SFCU.

The only fcu required in the loft is the switched one to fuse the lights at 5amp
And preferably no more spurs.

The bedroom FCU 13a fuse covers the rest.
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Thanks for your comprehensive reply.

I'm mounting an LCD on the wall in a bedroom so will be fixing a switched socket near to the ceiling and taking this into the loft to be powered from my new circuit up there, what would be the correct way of connecting this into the circuit? ie. how do I terminate the other end of the cable from the new socket?

just try to wire so you have 2 cables in each socket (in and out) is best IMO ,you can either put the telly socket in the run so it has 2 cables and the end of run at the last socket in the loft or lighting Fcu, has just 1 supply cable.
wire all the others in the loft first, having 2 cables (in and out) and make the telly socket the end of run (1 cable).

The choice is yours to work out the easiest and neatest.
I would still do all the main wiring in 2.5mm, and if you decide to use the lighting spur method , I would use 1.5 from that fused at 5amp to the light

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