Socket & See, Kewtech or Metrel?

24 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
I'm gonna buy, in readiness for 2391, some test equipment. I've been using a friends Fluke 1652B the past few months, I would like a Fluke but can't afford one just yet. So I've been looking at the Metrel Easitest, the Kewtech KT64 and the Socket & See 310, 360 & 380. Anyone had experience with any of these and what are your thoughts? I'm leaning toward the Socket & See (although I find the brandname rather cheesy) as I think having separate instrumentation may be more beneficial, albeit 3 calibration certs will be req'd every year rather than 1 as per the all-in-one testers. Ta.
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I have the socket and see triple set and have had no problems so far. Obviously if you prefer using a single instrument, these will not be for you. I personally find it slightly handier to have three separate small units.
Yeah, I am leaning toward the seperates - The Fluke is a good 'un but can be cumbersome.
you've got the added advantage that if you knock your insulation resistance tester off the top of a set of ladders, you only need to pay for one new piece of kit at a lower price, rather than a whole new multi-tester at a higher price..

also, if rules change and you need to change to a newer model of one part of the set, again it's cheaper to buy just that part rather than a whole new multi-tester..
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I personally like the metrel stuff.

I had an easitest when I worked at my last firm, and it survived years of abuse with no problems.

I recently was working on site with some other electricians who were using kew technic testers. The were very poor, difficult to use and produced some very inconsistent results.

They ended up retesting the whole job with a megger MFT.

I have no experience of the socket and see stuff apart from my 3 LED socket tester :LOL:
Avoid Kewtech, as RF says, I just find them cheap and nasty.

How much are you looking to spend, my Megger MFT1553 (should have got the 1552, don't like the bluetooth function) didn't cost much more that cheaper brands.
Now then, Socket & See are under the Kew Technik Group Ltd, Which i believe are Kewtech? So I'm now sliding back to the Fluke or Metrel... I may wait a month and spend the extra pennies on the new Fluke or even a Megger. It's just that I'd like to get hold of my own (tester) sooner rather than later and it saves me bothering my friend borrowing his, he's cool about it and reckons i should go for Fluke over all of 'em and wait until the funds allow. But i can be a clumsy bastard at times, and i can see me knocking the tester down many staircases...
I have a Metrel EasiTest. It's fine and give consistent results.

No trip EFLI results are a bit on the high side but I believe most testers are like this. i would buy another.
From what I was reading the other day, fluke has only caught up with the top-end Megger MFT's with their latest offering, not sure on it price or availability though.

Have a look at Spark123's link, very good supplier, use them for all my kit, good value, good service.

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