Soil pipe in concrete problem

3 Jul 2012
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hey guys,

Just starting to refurbish my downstairs toilet. I've ripped it all out and put in the new pipe work. Time to build a false wall.

However I'm presented with a small problem regarding the soil pipe which is encased in concrete and quite ghastly to look at.

From the picture (attached) it looks as if theres a clay downpipe with a 90 degree bend that takes it to the stack. This sits about 100mm down from the floor level. A peice of upvc pipe has been cemented on top of the clay pipe and the old pan connector was fitted to that. The cement "flange" protrudes about 25mm above the floor level.

I'm considering ripping it all out so that I can fit a new bit of pipework directly into the clay pipe (100mm diameter) and then making the floor good so that I can tile around it properly and also sit the toilet back as far as I would like. Does this make sense?

The alternative of leaving it means I cannot put the new toilet back where I wanted it, plus that bit of "plumbing" is going to be visible.

Thanks for any advice

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I'm happy to keep things where they are. It looks like the clay pipe (I believe these are called Hep pipes) protrudes so while I can clear off the existing cement around the end of the pipe I would need to be very careful not to damage it or it could be alot of pain to fix.

I was hoping to have no protrusion so I could sit my toilet back further. It looks like this is not possible though.
I'd be wary of leaving that as is, there looks to be a gap between the plastic and clay which at worst, could allow (if it hasn't already) water to leak under/into the floor when the WC is flushed.... You may be able to carefully chip the cement in the collar of the clay pipe away, and remove that plastic section, you should then find a pan connector will fit snugly (and watertight) into the clay pipe to accept the outlet from the new pan. Make good around the new pan connector with mortar to level it off if desired.

? shaped pan connectors are available to allow a new pan to be sited further back from the drain position should that be required.
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That was also another idea I had just to tidy it up and do a proper job of it. But the hep pipe flange ends diameter is much bigger than the width of the base of the toilet (standard close coupled toilet), so I can only physically push it back until it butts up against the hep pipe, eventhough the actual opening on the pipe that submerged is 100-110mm.
you`ll have to cut the flange off below floor level - from the inside - with a small angle grinder

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