Soil Pipe System - Push fit or Weld? PHOTOS

2 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
I enclose a photo of our current waste system which has 110mm Grey Marley Soil Waste and simply runs one toilet into it, what I intend to do is to get this out and put a T-branch of the same dimensions so I can run another soil pipe from next door into the extension I have just had built, this would be at the same level etc.

My question is can you tell if this is a push-fit soil system and if it is a solvent weld what is the best way to get it out to replace with a double?

I also need to know the equivalent Marley model in a double branch version same angle etc.

I have limited access to the pipe anyhow as had to knock through 2 skins to get to it, hence why I need to know if push fit or solvent as will need to take other measures if one or other.

Any help much appreciated.

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It's push fit - at least the visible joints are. If you want to remove the branch fitting and insert a double branch, you will need the lowest joint to be push fit too.

for suitable double branch, check any manufacturer's website - doesn't have to be Marley - all made to same OD of 110mm. Others are Osma/Wavin, Polypipe, Hunter, Flo-plast, Hepworth.
Thats great thanks, I thought top and soil were push fit, but still unsure of the bottom pipe, I enclose another pic.

If bottom isn't push and is solvent is this a normal thing?

If it is solvent how will I ever get it off?, I have very limited space and cannot dig deep into the floor from there :(

It looks like solvent weld, but can't be sure with that photo. If so I guess you'll have to dig it out to expose enough pipe to cut and fit socket. I suppose a branch fitted into top of existing branch would be too high?
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Hi Chris

thanks for quick reply, I agree think it maybe solvent as totally different than other push fit bits.

Trouble is my bath is in there all tiled in the lot, hence why we broke through wall from extension, and floor boards will prevent enough access for hand saw.

Will solvent not break if twisted enough??? or any other way you can think of??

Much appreciated!
What's below? Is there another floor, solid ground, a drain connection? It may be that branch and pipe to which it is solvent welded will pull out of next push fit socket down.
there is another branch below yes that is about 2 inches below the system, it is the bath soil pipe and this is solvent, but cannot see further down but guess this is solvent too.

If I cut the bottom of the system off it seems to measure 14" whereas a 110mm pipe is less, I was thinking perhaps I could jam a push fit onto it, but then it would make the soil pipe higher and possibly not enough for toilet existing and new.
In my opinion you've got zero chance of unwelding a solvent joint.

You've already gone to major works to expose the pipe so my advice is - bite the bullet and remove the floorboard and maybe even one of the floor joists.
Then you will be able to see what you are doing and actually get at the pipes you need to get at. You've already completed the (rather drastic) part of chopping out the bricks. The rest is easy in comparison.
It won't take long to put back together - so go for it. Dig the pipes clear and see what you've got.


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