Solid Wood Floor Underlay

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:eek: Is that 100%? Would a week be sufficient, and then lay it floating as opposed to glued or nailed?
i dont like floating wood floors unless there engineered, your floor could take upto 4 weeks to get to the correct moister content. It may be ready after 2 days but unless you have a wood moister meter to take a reading of the moister content of the wood you are guessing. If the floor has been stored out doors in a shed, not heated for a year then i would guess it will have a very high moister content.
What may (is likely?) to happen if I install it on Monday (3 days) and the moisture content is too high?
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it will shrink bad, you will be able to fit a 1 pound coin in the gaps! it will also crown ( opposite of cupping ) where your floor boards will suck the extra moister out, it will then cause your floorboards to cup and grow which will distort the floor even more.

Nope, make that 3 - 4 weeks

Edited: only saw the last entry on page 1 before replying, then saw matty's answers.
Thanks for all the help guys! Very much appreciated. We've bought a new floor in the end and will just sell the other one on in fear of it shrinking as we're in a rush to get it down.
Sorry to bring this back from the depths of time... but thought I might as well keep this here.

I am about to lay down a wooden floor.(18mm thick, 12cm wide and 80cm long planks of acacia wood)

It will be going on top of pine floorboards. The whole room is above our garage. The pine floorboards are quite even but I noticed that on some areas, the boards have cupped and there are some peaks where the level is off by around 2 or 3 mm.

1. Can I nail the floor down on top of wood fibre boards such as this:]

As this claims to help with slight unevenness?

2. As the room is above our garage (which can get a bit moist in winter due to leaking water from the garage door) should I use a moisture protective membrane?

Can I use both a membrane and the 7mm thick fibre boards?

Any suggestions?

3. The wood floor has been in our hallway (next to the room it is going to go down in) for the last 3 weeks now. Is that ok, or would you recommend I move it to the room for a few days also?

Would really appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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