Some Great Put Downs

Had an arse hole of a foreman once, always trying to impress in front of customers and other tradesmen. He thrived on making the lads look small.

Tried it with me just the once, in front of the boss.

I was laughing and rubbishing his proposed pipe runs, that were virtually impossible.

He went bright red and had a full blown wobbly, informing us that he had forgotten more than we knew.
To which I replied "thats the problem you have forgotten everything you were taught"

Took a while to sink in, but he did make a sharp exit :LOL: :LOL:

Even the boss laughed.
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I don't usually talk to idiots, but in your case I will make an exception.
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"If you don't swing those f*cking arms higher, Shytalkz, I'll stick my f*cking pace stick through your ears and ride you round this f*cking parade square like a f*cking motorbike, do I make myself clear???!"

One of many pearlers from CSM "Kiss me" Hardie SG, gawd bless 'im.