Someone explain upvc tilt please? Worn hinges advice on renovation too

28 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
Tilt and turn upvc. Realistically probably around 20 yrs old. I'm currently helping my father renovate a flat he rents. A glazier I know took a quick look at the windows a few weeks ago but I don't think he was aware there are a few real issues. He seemed to think a few new handles would do it and that a handle was fitted the wrong way round.

I took a closer look yesterday. Concentrating on one, the handle grips the mech ok, the lock mech moves ok (just..) but the window was hitting the bottom latch when closing it. I manipulated the latch enough to get the window closed ok. I think the hinges on this window are probably slightly worn but to my surprise another window seemed to have similar movement in the hinges and worked ok. The window didn't want to release properly to tilt. I couldn't understand how tilt works. I assume the latches only catch at the bottom of the window when handle turned but how does the window know to engage the tilt bracket at the top..?

-Is hinge replacement common? Couldn't really see how to access removal of hinges. but maybe needed to climb out window more....

-Brief explanation of how the "tilt" works would be helpful

-General advice appreciated as to windows obviously getting old and bit worn. I'd quite like to try and get them working better (idea's to lube mechanism?) but can't see easy subtle adjustment of latches due to them being screwed to frame. .

Many thanks
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There are probably about 100 different make of tilt and turn hinges and gearing and they all adjust slightly differently. First off you need to look for and manufactures stamps and codes printed on them, Post some pics here.
Old ones can sometimes be very difficult to get parts for.
Make sure all hinges and locks are clean then give them a bit of lube with silicone spray.

If your lucky some of the adjustments needed may just be squaring up the windows with some "Heel and Toe" packing, Look at the corner welds of the sash's and frames to see if they are meeting up nicely.

I have been fitting windows for 20 odd years but I try to avoid tilt and turns. They are great when they work but when things go wrong they can be very tricky if not impossible to put right.
Hi Thanks for your reply. Been at it again this morning. Some silicon spray for the mechanism certainly would help one of them in particular.

I see now how the latching moves away from the top bracket, allowing the window to tilt 6" or so out on the bracket.

Where and what would you use as packers you mention to try and find some adjustment?

The mech's are SI Segenia. I've unfortunately got one broken "tilt striker" and latch (all one part- bottom left of frame). I wanted to straighten it but it broke :( If it was to prove difficult to get I could probably do something with the broken one.
You can try these guys for any parts you need
Just email them a pic and any names/codes you can find.
The packers are for squaring up a window, Sometimes they drop on the handle side due to the weight of the glass. You would need to remove the glazing beads holding the glass in to Heel and Toe them.

Here is a basic description that I just googled:
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Thanks very much, helpful info.

I'm going to ask a glaziers I know if he has any hardware kicking about but maybe unlikely so I'd try malbern. Scott

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