Sony PCG-5L2M laptop software problem.

26 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
This runs Windows 10 and has been pretty good for a few years until last week.

After accidentally trying to start it when the battery was almost flat it has developed a software fault !

This shows "Preparing automatic repair"

Soon changes to "Diagnosing your PC"

Then says "Your PC did not start correctly" and gives option to restart or advanced options.

The advanced are to go to Recovery which goes nowhere!

Or Use another operating system which I do not have.

Or to reset the PC to a previous restore point which does not achieve any solution either!

Any ideas of any possible solution?
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There should be an option called "Startup Repair" under Advanced Options, which is what I'd have recommended. Isn't it showing that option for you?

Alternatively, there should also be a "Command Prompt" option. Is that also not showing?
Yes, it does include "start up repair". Unfortunately that tries and then says "sorry cannot repair" !

There does not seem to be a command prompt option.
That's Windows 10 being as helpful as ever...

I'd suggest trying the same process using installation media.
  1. If you have an existing Windows 10 DVD or thumb drive, use that, otherwise you can download a copy from
  2. Boot from the installation media by restarting with the DVD or thumb drive in your laptop. (You may need to press one of the function keys to boot from another device - I believe F11 for Sony)
  3. Select start-up repair in the first instance, if that still doesn't work, then you'll need to reinstall Windows
Doing an in-place reinstallation of Windows shouldn't impact your documents, but if you don't have a recent back-up, I recommend taking one as a precaution. You could use a live USB (such as Windows To Go - see here or here for details) to access your files without Windows on the laptop itself.
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That sounds very helpful.

I will try some of those suggestions during the week.