Laptop wont boot

19 Aug 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi all? All of a sudden I get this:
Rather than my home screen.
Og the options listed, I have no recovery devices to use.
Troubleshoot brings me to this screen:

Reset does nothing and Advanced options gives me this screen:


None of which seem to do anything.

The only option which seems to do anything is Continue (1st screen). When I select this I get this screen for about half an hour before a message saying 'preparing automatic repair', another one saying 'diagnosing your PC', and then back to the first screen I posted.

I am running Windows 10 on a Novotech Nspire.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks for looking,
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Thanks Ross. I do have access to another laptop - my girlfriend's. It's not Windows 10 though (7 I think) will that matter? If not I'll give it a go later today.

Also, a couple of related questions:
Must I use a DVD? I don't think I have one but I do have a 16G mem stick free, and will I lose all the files on my computer when I reinstall windows?
The ISO will let you make an installation media on to a USB stick but if you do a clean install, which is what you will have to do, you will lose all your files and programs. I'm not going down the road of the importance of backing up your files on a regular basis you will be doing that from now on anyway if you lose everything. I think your hard drive has packed up, personally, and the Windows boot cannot see the recovery partition that Windows 10 installs as part of the installation process.

You can download the ISO using a Windows 7 machine just select the option to set the USB stick for a different computer.
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Pete makes a good point. Reinstalling might fix Windows, but won't fix the root cause of why it crashed in the first place. I can't say for sure, but my guess would also be the harddrive failing.

Once you've booted into the Windows installation media on your USB, you should be able to run checkdsk before reinstalling. If checkdsk finds any errors, you'd be better off replacing the harddrive before reinstalling, otherwise you'll likely have another failure within a couple months.
Pete is also right about backups, but that doesn't help you now.

If you don't have backups and you have important files that you really want to get, you could try taking the harddrive out the laptop, inserting into a 2.5" external enclosure, and plugging into your girlfriend's laptop. You may be able to copy the files across. Guess it depends on your files as to whether it's worth the effort.
Did you create a 'Recovery Drive' (or was one included with the machine) when you first got your PC? It's a 16Gb usb memory stick. If not you could ask NoveTech for one - guess they will charge you but wih that you should be able to restart the PC without losing data.
Did you create a 'Recovery Drive' (or was one included with the machine) when you first got your PC? It's a 16Gb usb memory stick. If not you could ask NoveTech for one - guess they will charge you but wih that you should be able to restart the PC without losing data.

You don't get recovery disks with Windows 10 computers. Windows 10 installs a recovery partition to the hard drive during the Win 10 installation process. Not a lot of use if the hard drive is duff. You can create a recovery drive when you first get a computer but that will not have any of the files or programs on it unless the recovery drives have been kept up to date. A 16 Gb usb memory stick is plenty for the ISO to make Windows 10 installation media on. Mine was a 4Gb but it's now on an 8 Gb because the 4 gig broke. Good luck with getting anything from Novatech or any other computer manufacturer for that matter.
Thanks all.
I guess the hard drive is faulty, and I'll need to source a new one, but having taken the back off to access the drive, I cannot see any plug comnected to ( what I would describe as) the power connection. (Those 4 pins at the exterme right). I cannot see a spare plug either, but that could be because I havent stripped the laptop down enough yet.
Could the fault be lack of power to the HDD?
That is a SATA (Serial ATA) drive. The Left hand gold plated connector is the data connector, the central gold plated connector is the power connector. These will connect with the socket on the motherboard. The four right hand pins are probably for jumpers and not used.
Thanks for the confrmation Mike.
I've just had the HHD enclosure arrive and it seems to be transferring the contents of my desktop to a 500G external drive, so I shd save my files. Thanks for the tip Ross.

I've also downloaded the ISO software onto a 16G mem stick.
My intention is to try the ISO tool with the old HDD first and then get a new one.
As regards reloading windows, will I need any reg number? I havent got one.


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Sorry - the LH connector is power, the central is data!! - brain fade.
If you are logging into windows 10 using your microsoft account, (see settings/update & security/activation - windows is activated with a digital license), then when you re-install to the existing drive or to a replacement drive do not enter a serial number, on restarting after the install it should automatically pull down the validation.
Not sure I understand that Mike.
I've got a Google account but don't recall ever having had a Mictosoft acc.
Will I be able to get any relevent acc numbr off the old hard drive using the enclosure?
You don't need a Microsoft account although scamming Microsoft makes you install using one so that they can spy and spam you. Make sure that you are not connected to the internet when you do the Windows install and you then get the option to install, what Microscam call, a limited account. Itisn't limited in any way but it does enable you to install without giving MS any personal details............. you don't mind the american waffle hereis a walk through. Don't worry about the Windows activation. That computer has UEFI (BIOS) and your activation credentials will stored there.
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