Spotlights replacement

31 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom
I have problems with our spotlights on stairs and landing.

There are 4 halogen lights- 1 keeps going out- when I take out the bulb then put it back in it works.
Think it might be to the bulb connection.
I will look at this at the weekend.
-what else should I check?

What I would like to know is if I want to change these to LED bulbs what do I need to do?
Is it as simple as swapping the bulbs?
( I have access to the lights from the loft)
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If they are 240 volt you just change them and the faulty lampholder of the one that goes out.
If they are 12 volt best to change to 240 volt and get rid of the power supply (supplies). But you will also need to change the fittings.
If you really want to use 12 volt LEDs you will to change the power supply (supplies) to LED driver(s).
With 230 volt (low voltage) it is normally a simple swap, unless your using a dimmer. With 12 volt (extra low voltage) then it depends on what supplies that 12 volt, if it is a simple transformer then simple swap, if however it is an electronic transformer then it starts to get complicated. In the main 12 volt is not an advantage with LED lamps, and if 12 volt best option is to change to 230 volt.
If you really want to use 12 volt LEDs you will to change the power supply (supplies) to LED driver(s).
I would assume talking about MR16 lamps, in which case most 12 volt versions are AC clearly marked 50 Hz so you will NOT want a driver, a driver should be current regulated, but even if voltage regulated it will be DC not AC.

Although you can get DC lamps, those bought in the supermarket are likely to be AC, at least the ones I bought from Lidi were AC.
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Are these units suitable?
Doesn't really matter as he is (it would seem) going to replace the lights in their entirety and has easy access to the wiring.
I’m not sure if it’s 240 or 12v.
How can I check?

Could that be why the bulb keeps going off?- if I have the wrong bulb in?
Paul - think about it.

  • How long do you think a 12V bulb would work on 240V?
  • And how bright do you think a 240V bulb would be on 12V?

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