Squeaky Auxiliary Drive Belt - Need Some Help Please! (WITH VIDEO)

Hey John

Ok, sounds good. Tried the new 1,690nm KS Tools Monster wrench and no luck. The pulley just turns slowly with each 'hammer'. There's no way to lock the pulley in place (no holes in it at all apart from the centre bolt hole). I was hoping the gun would 'shock' it into coming off, but it's holding fast.

Tried some Plus Gas penetration fluid, no joy.

I guess I'll have to try heating it up next.

Would not be a good place to have a bolt head shear off!!!

So, what do you suggest; heat it up with the blow torch direct to the bolt head for 30 seconds or so and then give it a couple of minutes and attack it with the gun again?
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Yes, I'd do just that.....localise the heat onto the bolt head, and give it plenty of time to soak through. Do consider the oil seal that will be behind, and any plastic covers of course.
I use a mapp gas torch which gives a very hot, precise flame.
There are also more brutal ways of dealing with these, but go for heat first.
What size of bolt are we dealing with.....19mm?
John :)
Hi John

It's a 22mm bolt.

When you say consider the oil seal behind, what do you mean? Do not overheat?

Does the heat not make the bolt weaker and more likely to twist/shear?
22mm.....that's some size! The heat involved won't weaken the bolt at all - its not as if you'll get it anywhere red heat!
Behind the pulley there will be an oil seal further back so a huge flame played over the area wouldn't be good so keep the heat local......heat up the bolt head for a minute or so then its on with the windy gun.
Don't let your gun get hot with too much use - they are more efficient when they are cold. I make sure the compressor receiver tank is full, and then use the gun for 10 second blasts.
Heat again if necessary. Keep us informed!
John :)
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I reckon he'll end up removing the starter and jamming the flywheel. If the engine is turning it's taking the "impact" out of the impact wrench
That's quite possible....with impact wrenches though, you can only achieve the possible torque specifications if you have an air line with an internal diameter of 12mm or more. 1/4 BSP connections simply won't do!
John :)
Hey guys

Actually, you were both right :)

I tried the new powerful gun but the 'turn' on the pulley soaked up all the torque.

So I checked and the cambelt tool was only £18.49 and includes a piece that locks the flywheel.

So, bought that, removed starter motor and attached the tool to lock the flywheel.

The gun still would not remove the bolt!!!

So, had to then do heat as well. 2 x 1 minute blasts. Then AT LAST it slowly started to come undone. mm by mm.

Luckily I'd marked the head of the bolt with a line in permanent marker, and also the washer below, otherwise I may never have noticed it turn.

Got the bugger out. Replaced the camshaft pulley with a new one (£48 Febi Bilstein), put on new belt. Squeaking noise completely gone.

The job prompted me to upgrade my air compressor to a 16cfm one (from 6.3cfm), get the KS Tools Monster 1,690nm wrench, and also get a new air hose reel 8mm > 10mm. But I like my new toys :)

And all that kit only JUST got that bolt out!!!

New bolt went in a lot easier than the old one came out!
Good man! Cheers for the feedback and we're pleased the job is sorted.
The whole purpose for those rubber inserted pulleys is to reduce torsional vibration through the crankshaft, and they do that job well. They are weaker as a result, of course but without them the crankshaft is in danger of snapping - believe it or not!
That bolt sealant is incredibly effective, as you've found.
So - a 16 cfm compressor! That's some kit...time for a 3/4 or even 1" windy gun with that one.
Well done again
John :)
Cheers John. Your help and advice was much appreciated.

Yes, the old pulley had a very distinct 'wobble' and the belt was squeaking like mad and had gotten worse and worse. The new pulley has a little bit of wobble, but I guess they are kind of meant to. But not even 1/4 as much as the old one, so it was definitely knackered.

3/4" or 1". More toys??!?!? :)

That's a maybe. I do have a 3/4" socket set that I've had to use a couple of times. The extra torque from a air wrench at 3/4" or 1" could indeed come in very handy. Don't tempt me - lol! :)
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