Stainless Steel universal exhaust pipe clamps

12 Nov 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi All

We supply the usual BZP universal exhaust pipe clamps, but we were recently asked to to knock up some in Stainless Steel.

They are obviously more expensive, but I wondered what you thought about the idea? Do you think there could be a market? I have searched google and cannot really find anything similar

I would really appreciated the thoughts if you people who are into this kind of DIY



I don't want to use a forum like this to spam / push sales so I won't put a link to the products - ask if you are interested - it is really just your thoughts I am after at this stage
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DON'T DO IT!!!!!

Stainless is absolutely vicious to mild steel when put in electrical contact with it and water is present. Anyone who has put a stainless self-tapper into mild steel will have seen it rust the mild steel around the hole very quickly. Apart from that, stainless it a really horrible bearing material, so the threads are likely to gall-up when you try to undo them after a while of having been on the car.

Obviously, for a stainless system, the first problem, at least, goes away.
I would think stainless clamps of very little advantage for a stock exhaust system, where BZP clamps already seem to outlast the rest of the system.

Maybe there will be a custom and coucourse market, and maybe they will be suitable for the less conventional uses the humble exhaust clamp is often asked to fulfil.
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