Starter Motor Problem

23 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
51 plate Nissan Micra 1.0 engine...couple of months ago my starter motor started 'groaning' after startup...but it seemed ok..silly me ..working on the principle of 'if it aint broke dont fix it' i plodded on. However..this weekend,jumped in turned ignition key and everything went dead...oops..put it into gear and 'rocked ' it and it started ok..this is what i have to do now on startup.. battery is starter motor required ? or something more complex..any help please.. [/img]
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Rocking the car in gear to free a jammed starter motor was indeed the way with the old Bendix systems - its much less common now with pre engaged starters.
However, it does sound like your starter pinion is sticking in mesh, so pull the starter out, clean the gear and shaft and look carefully at the teeth for sharp edges.
You may get away with a good clean to remove the build up of clutch dust but to be on the safe side, I'd replace the starter.
John :)
Thanks John..last time i had any probs with a starter was way back when i had a Vauxhall Victor 2.3 ( now that was a car ) in the early 80's and it was an easy job..don't know about the Micra tho'..getting too old to be crawling underneath will get siblings to do the labour...with my supervision of course...also ..i went onto a site called 'breakerlink' and within 5 minutes had 3 offers of starters (used) all round about £40 inc vat & next day delivery ?? mmmm
Its not such a bad job to replace the starter on these, but do be aware that there will be a live starter wire floating about - so its best to disconnect the battery after making sure you have the radio code, of course.....!
I've had good stuff and bad stuff from mail order breakers, and they will offer some sort of short term guarantee. Its a hell of a faff to keep taking the faulty units out again though! I would think a remanufactured starter would be in the region of around £100 exchange, but thats only a guess.
John :)
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It might be worth having a look on ebay. I picked up a brand new boxed Peugeot 405 TD starter for £15.00 a few weeks ago.