Steering/brake pedal judder upon braking - BMW F02

Ok I've gone through the pain of splashing out on new Tyres, they'll be fitted tomorrow, let's see how it goes. I'm assuming it may take a few hundred miles for the disc pads to readjust again if original Tyres were out of tune...
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Having new tyres does not involve any bedding in of your new tyres. I agree any difference will be immediate
Ok, front tyres replaced this afternoon and got some feedback from the fitter too as I told him beforehand what problems i'm having. These are his observations:

1. one of the tyres was indeed out of shape and he showed me it too
2. both tyres had different production dates, one was two years old, the other was three years old.
3. the passenger side front wheel has a 'slight' buckle in it, which has required a lot more weight to balance.

Now i haven't driven the car yet to see what difference it makes, but i'm already glad i had the tyres changed from the observations. Now all 4 tyres are brand new, trying not to think about the cost (£1000)

The fitter has advised to give the car a go and see how the brakes and steering feel. If still juddering then he said I should just replace that one alloy. I've seen a good one with no buckles on eBay.
I then asked him whether the slightly buckled wheel may cause the new tyre any damage, he said it shouldn't. Do I need to be concerned?

I'm now pretty sure that one alloy is buckled because a few months back I had the fronts balanced and they advised of the 'very slight' buckle in that one wheel.
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you can get buckled alloys re-shaped. Sometimes it will need repainting afterwards. But if it is a common wheel, you may be able to pick one up on ebay or at a scrappy for less. Split rims cost more as apparently there is heat treatment that damages the seal.

I would not be happy with a buckled wheel. I once had one, and the tyre lost pressure when driven, although the leak was not detectable when the wheel was taken off. It seems to be common with extra-low-profile tyres and wide rims.

I am assuming you do not have a matching spare.
The perils of 2nd hand tyres! As for the buckle, that depends on the severity but obviously you can't beat a new wheel.
Let's know the result.
John :)
Ok here's an update:

So I drove the car with the new Tyres today for about 30 miles at various speeds and have found I get pulsation and vibration through steering wheel and brake pedal now even without braking, but more pronounced when braking. Am I right in thinking the new Tyres have just highlighted the defects in the alloys? The old Tyres had probably changed shape over time and masked some of the vibration? I am thinking of getting both front alloys changed for good 2nd hand ones. The passenger definitely is buckled as I've been told by two tyre fitters now.

The pulsation in brake pedal can be felt at low and high speeds. The vibration in steering at higher speeds above 30mph. Also, if I gently turn steering left or right just a little, it makes the pulsation/vibration worse...
I don't think you have any options left, unfortunately - but I am surprised that the situation is worse now! I can't recall any situation where old tyres masked a fault in a wheel.
I presume this car didn't come from a main dealer, but rather an independent garage?
John :)
Has anyone checked the front wheel bearings? I wonder if this car is a repaired write off and the geometry is way out.
Car is not write off, bought it from an honest private seller, did full HPI check myself, has full immaculate service history, all from main BMW dealer. I think buckled wheel is one issue that has to be sorted regardless as two tyre fitters have said that same wheel is buckled. Just ordered one alloy, let's see how it goes. But brake judder might still be a separate issue, time will tell. Really appreciate everyone's advice on here
You must be sick as a chip by now.....lets know how things progress with the new rim.
Have you managed to check the disc run out?
John :)
Hi John, no, I still haven't had runout done on hubs and discs, that is next on list, the dti gauge and magnetic stand on eBay for under £20

If the wheel is buckled , the car has clearly hit something. I know I'm going on about wheel bearings but what about a bent stub axle? Is the wheel declared to be bent spinning it on the car or off the car on a wheel balancer?
I would hope the wheel has been spun up on the balancing machine Dave.....any buckle would be more than obvious.
As for a bent stub axle I would expect either the camber or castor angles to be upset there....easy enough to check on a body shop alignment jig.
Surely with all this work having been done already, the basics would have been ruled out :eek:
John :)
swapping the wheels round will tell you if the fault moves with the wheel or stays with the hub.
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