Sterling Burner lockout

16 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi guys. I am having a problem with this one. Burner consistently locks out after 12 - 20 minutes of use. Have given the unit a standard service, changed nozzle, cleaned all oil filters including pump and baffles etc. Have checked oil line for leaks. I had a spare control box and photocell in van which didn't work either. I am thinking it may be pump / solenoid based (specifically the coil). Is there a way of checking this. Any thoughts would be gratefully received. ta
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This subject has come up before.
I think it was oilman who suggested checking continuity of coil as soon as it stopped.
Another poster suggested a bench test, by placing iron bar in coil whilst held lightly in vice and energised, then check later
Recently someone mentioned a 'magnetic stick', I imagine it's a simple battery and bulb set up with a 'reed switch' magnetic field operates switch.
Does that help
Thanks for the quick response guys. I will check continuity when lockout occurs. I assume my standard multi meter will do this ok. I am letting this one wind me up a bit!! You always get one now and again.
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I am letting this one wind me up a bit!!

Why?Your first action should be to call the manufacturer. They have technical departments who can help while you are with the boiler.

How many manufacturers' courses have you attended? These are mandatory if you are to become familiar with faults in a reasonable time. Most are free, some are better and cost money.
Hi Oilman
A friend went on one of these courses and gave me a bad report so have given them a wide berth up to now. Is there one in particular you could suggest?
Grant do useful course, good coverage of the Riello burners
Anyone can give a bad report. You get out of them what you are prepared to learn. Ask lots of questions, unless you already know the answer. From what I've seen, there are plenty on courses who don't know enough to even ask the question.

I've seen people on these courses who couldn't use a multimeter. They should try walking before running. It's not necessarily their fault, they are probably in the wrong job.

A case exists (probably one of many) where guys went to get reassessed for the oftec quals, finished it all by mid afternoon, while other guys had been there for a week and were still struggling.
Thanks for the feedback guy's. The problem was the coil on the Sterling burner. Have emailed EOGB and Riello regarding courses. That should get me started. Once again many thanks.

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