Stock market dealing

To help me understand if I just want to do basic trading
Let's say I buy shares in 10 companies @ £1000 each. I'm not after becoming a millionaire (yet :giggle:)

I just want to dabble making £200 here and there. Buying low selling high.

Is there a platform that will let me do that without burning me with costs.

I have an IG account that has just charged me aq quarterly fee (I think) for inactivity or a very small amount invested. They seem to want 15 grand invested to waver this fee.
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There are no hot tips.
You can get informed commentary froma broker like Hargreaves Lansdown. your bank Forbes, The Telegraph, Yahoo, etc etc free.

Whatever you do, create a separate Google email and login for all of those organisations.
There's a massive and clever army of them, all trying to get you to pay them for the next big thing, I hada couple of extra emails, but even so, names are evidently sold and you find inexplicable appearances.
Motley fool will ask you to give an email to send stuff to. They aren't the worst by a long way. A number will tell you there's a new AI thing being quietly pushed by Elon Musk and they know what it is blah blah, and they try to suck you in with a long video you have to wait to finish. You can shortcut them by googling - someone will say it's only so-and so which was publicised months ago.
One of them was pushing a co called Editas - gene editing . They apparently have a couple of patents but they don't make much profit. The tip is now months old

Many of their stock tips come to nothing. They give so many that some have to turn out right which they shout about.
You can get tips for this morning, theis week or this year. Look at Trade Ideas or Alpha Trends for short term commentary (some free stuff) also Benzinga which gives useful summaries of their premium info feed., They all have Twitter feeds.

If you want to see what's going on, there are lots of free share screeners, like Finvis or TradingView Yahoo, Google, Nasdaq... Morningstar, Trustnet.
If you want slower-term advice, look at ETF screers which will give you the results, of a SECTOR. Those are less volatile than individual shares.

You will find a lot of commentary that the Tech sector of the Nasdaq is is overheated, so I wouldn't put your life savings in there, but I would have some in there, on as close a watch as you can manage. NOthing like day trading, but read a news feed once a week, say. Bloomberg and CNBC on TV are ok.

I usually look for good recent performance, backed up by 1,3,6,12 months.
SOMe names to lookk at -
SMC aka SMCI. NVIDIA, AMD all chip related. The Sector ticker is SMH
You will also find those and others with a 2 or 3 in front which measn they go up or down twice as fast.
SMC doubled in 2 weeks, .we're all wondering where it'll go next.
NVIDIA is suely due a pullback, but they 've increased the price of their chips and can sell all they can make.
(DELL make servers, can't get enough NVIDIA chips so are using AMD).

Rolls Royce shares have been doing well, in fits and starts, adding up to very well..Good jet engines Boeing love and Airbus grudgingly accept, plus something about modular nuclear power plants.
In Germany, Rheinmetall
US General Electric
US ABERcrombie and Finch. Posh clothes
Look at something like General Electric to be less chip focused.
Eli Lilly (pharma) is a monster too.

If you want ETFs for for ISAs/pensions, anything GLOBAL is going to be largely USA, and then largely Tech stock. Loook them up, they may concentrate on just a few of the FAANG /FATANG/MAFAN and other scrambles of
Apple, Alphabet(Google - youtube) Meta, (= Zuckerberg), Tesla (Musk, Twitter) Nvidia, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, AMD, Broadcom (chips monster again), Netflix.

Some of the Titans have lain flat for a while, like Apple and one or two of the others. Those are massively overpriced if you look at the Price/Earnings ratios. Judging by those metrics seems to be out of fashion. They are quite able to drop their prices by a third, say, in a day. Meta did that a year or two back. Tesla did it. We're waiting for an NVIDIA crash.

ETF's :Looking outside USA tech, there's para above starting with RR, but also
Jupiter India - grew about 60% in the last year
Nomura Hedged Japan ditto - doing very well now. 20+% a month do you?
You can look up the numbers but as I have these to hand -
_____________________ week, month, 3 months, 6m, 12m all %. So 100 doubles your muneeeee.
FTSEall share_______ sod all,
Nasdaq 100_________1, 3,12, 18, 47 [3,5]
GE__________________ 3, 15, 39, 40, 83
RR__________________ 2, 20, 31, 76, 148 [3]
ABER_______________ 12, 32, 80, 155, 391
NVDA______________ 13, 28, 93, 86, 271 [3]
RHM_______________ 4, 30, 54, 70
Uber ______________ 3, 13, 34, 74, 135 [3?]
SMC_______________ 28, 64, 314, 289, 1015
There are many others - Palantir,...
SMH _______________ 5, 13, 31, 39, 80 (semiconductor sector) [3]
Jupiter India_______ 0.5, 3,18, 34,56
NomuraJap Hedg__ 1 , 4, 19, 22, 51

Global tech will be similar to the Japan figures.
Many best at the mo are bitcoin related - I'd avoid except for day trading, but I expect they'd be ok, It's here to stay. Pension funds are having to buy into it.

The numbers in sq b's [ ] are where I know there's a leveraged version. So for example 3NVDA at the moment is
View attachment 335600
In many pensions you CAN have shares and leveraged ETF's

Abercrombie: x7 since May.
View attachment 335595

Warning, this is 3x Meta. Not much reason why it won't happen again:
View attachment 335601

I read through this but it's so much information.
Motley fool will ask you to give an email to send stuff to. They aren't the worst by a long way.

I don't want to bore or be a pest to anyone but I'm thinking of spreading my bets by getting information & tip across the board.

I have one youg friend who's God with this and funds his lifestyle.
I have another customer that I can ask. But both I can do every now and then. I can't take the píss.

So I need to do my reading from other avenues. I'm thinking Motley fool is just one source.
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    I'm thinking that this simply isn't possible. Which is what I said at the beginning. I met a former fund manager on Tuesday and he said that almost everyone who tries it loses money. The traders on tradertv also seem to lose money. The man I met said that the job of the traders he instructed was simply to execute his orders, and find a good price for them. He would then hold the shares for several years. Maybe you can stock pick on that sort of basis, but certainly not on an intraday basis.

I read through this but it's so much information.
Read it a bit louder then, three times. It's basic info and examples, but if you understand it, you'll have a good understanding of what shares can do.

Tips are almost all for the very long term, or they're useless. The only tips I've ever had that have been any good, were from someone very knowledgeable who'd noticed an imbalance somewhere, or something very technical on a chart.. Everthing else is baked in to the price long before you get to hear about it.
You can't even look for results days, They're covered by people "having a go", and it's all overbought, so the price often drops after good results. You CAN look ahead for results days, and if it's a hyped stock, buy it a couple of weeks ahead, because the price will rise towards the results. Then you sell it before they're announced. I've done that a few times.

Motley Fool says his tips are for 10 year investments.
No, his tips are to sell his output.
Look on Hargreaves Lansdown's site, they have stock recommendations. Look them up though, many do nothing.

I would suggest you just follow the trends. Participate don't anticipate! There are market "sectors" I've mentioned. Plenty of free sources will be discussing those all the time. I mentioned Trade Ideas - the guy there Michael Knauss is a swing trader (holds for a few days or weeks) . He's good at spotting sectors which are lower than their usual weight. The other day he pointed out "KRE" which is US Regional Banks.
Next day it went up 6%. Another time recently is was (still is, a bit) Biotechs.
If you find a source of that sort of discussion you can do better than average.
He also said a couple or four weeks back , that he thought Gold was looking (from a technical point of view) a contender for a rise. A bit late maybe, but it's at an all time high today.

Trends DO last:
My wife found she had another small pension. From AVC's at some stage.
Guess which of the following it is invested in:

The green one. Which is a dumb FTSE follower chosen by the pension co - Standard Life.. Someone here said you can't beat the Index, which is a nonsense statement.
The brown line is short-term money market, about the same as a Bld Soc.
Purple is the S & P 500. The S & P 500 is the top 500 companies in the US, so they have to be good to be there. 20% a year is ok.
As we all know, Tech is where it all is at the moment, A.I. this and that, chips the other.
Those sectors are hot as hell. It's the sector to be in, for a while.
NVIDIA the chip maker, is selling every processor it can make. They're about $60,000 each.
This is the 3x fund:

I have some of that, and a couple similar. They've doubled in short time but I wouldn't put the farm on them. The valuations bear no relation to the value of the company, so the price could halve tomorrow. The money I used is all winnings, so I've mentally allowed for that to happen. Once they've doubled a few times, you're using winnings of course. Take the profit out.

The Blue and Orange lines aren't some esoteric company - one is Japan and one is India.
They are to a fair extent separated from each other and from US tech, so I reckon a bit of a hedge.
Stock tips may give you a few percent here or there, you need a lot of effort to put them together to beat a good sector. If you have some spare-ish cash you don't mind risking a bit, you could put some in Nvidia x 3.

Swing trading like I explained for someone @nwgs above, illustrated using the FTSE above, isn't free of risk but is pretty safe, though it may only yield say 20-30% per annum. I know an analyst who does it according to a rigorous method, cycling between stocks, His intention is always to beat the S & P 500 by 20%.
Seems a lot of bother to me. Find a bandwagon.

You could open an account at eToro. Technically it has many shortcomings. It's no good for fast day trading, But it'll do all you need. You can "follow" successful traders, free, too. They use their large pot, and trade with your much smaller one at the same time. You just watch.
Trading212 is a better set up in some ways, and their Bot answers all the technical questions much better than you'd get at eToro.
Both are free. I have accounts at both.
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  • 06/03/2024 15:45
    Super Micro Computer Inc
  • 06/03/2024 15:22 Inc (All Sessions)

    I'm thinking that this simply isn't possible. Which is what I said at the beginning. I met a former fund manager on Tuesday and he said that almost everyone who tries it loses money. The traders on tradertv also seem to lose money. The man I met said that the job of the traders he instructed was simply to execute his orders, and find a good price for them. He would then hold the shares for several years. Maybe you can stock pick on that sort of basis, but certainly not on an intraday basis.
Cor blimey gov. Unless I have it wrong, you were hlding that trade for 35 minutes or so while it was losing. 5 min candles.
Same as above post example?

I don't know why you did that. Maybe you were thinking it would come good sooner or later, but I see no justification for it. It can be easy to think up a reason, which doesn't apply. I've noticed you doing that before.
It was a counter trend trade - don't do that, as said before.
Tbh, I think you make a lot of unsound trades, you need to make fewer and wait for the right place to enter. One youtuber only ever trades ranges, because the success rate is very high. He said he can sit all day and make no trades. Hard.
You said up top that you weren't going to do 10 hours watching youtubes. That was a red flag. I'm way over hundreds of hours.

The mental aspect of the game is harder than the rest. Tiredness and emotions mean you will lose.
You need to be able to think clearly not cleverly.
I had decided what to do in the "premarket" show, which was to open long Nvidia just before the open then quickly add to it when the move was obvious.
So It was carrying half the pot, at x5, for 4% for 2 hours. Gas went up and down, so I used that as described before

Maybe it's not for you, but obviously people do it for a living and dabblers like me can make it work.
Today for example, it was clear Nvidia and co would be going up, and Rivian. If you'd done what Shawn said he was going to do - or only about 4 of his trades off his sticky note, you'd have made money.
I used Nvidia, and Rivian, but also Gas, which as I've pointed out before has a higher leverage .
I tried AMD later as well but it didn't entirely behave. Gas was moving a lot so I used that and pulled out of, er, AMD and Amazon I think. Sure I tried several times on things where I got out when it looked wrong, for losses. Losses like that are part of the cost of doing business, like a shop has damaged goods and "shrinkage". Mostly those are little scalps I shouldn't have made, because of ill discipline, such as where the entry was too late. But they're overwhelmed by the ones I held on to.

I'm certain Shawn makes plenty of money , as do many others there. If you listen to Patrick, it's clear he's no brainbox, but he sticks to Mara and Nvidia and makes a lot. Shawn is a pretty unpleasant guy if you ask me. His priority seems to be to get followers and show off. He's VERY quick with his platform though. 400 trades today. They show the results sometimes, usually some around 20k/day, which I actually thought was low, as they keep saying they have unlimited funds.
Today at one point he claimed a 30c win where the spread was much too wide for that to have been possible. Grr.

Have you looked at the daily briefing they put out before the market? Only trade when one of the guides is clear, with a catalyst, like Rivian today. It rose $4, which is a good %. SC held it all day - sometimes like with AMD today he overdoes it, for me. I don't like the spread on Rivian, but I stuck some on it and left it there because SC did that.
Use the simulator if it helps. Maybe wait doing nothing except waiting for the right entry, and allow yourself 2 trades, so they have to be right. I bet that wins for you. Wait for the level, the bounce so it's confirmed, then enter. Only use liquid stocks, none of the SMCs or Palantirs or JDs. Even Meta can have a wide spread. In the sim use a tiny size, but get out after a couple of candles. Don't give them a chance to revert.
Get used to it not mattering how much you win, just stay away from uncertainties of even cents - losses lurk there. Then see how many winners you can get in a row. Doesn't matter if you win just $1 each time. Avoid that loss - only enter when it's definite.
The Sim $1 will feel like you're betting matchsticks but honour those matchsticks, until you almost never lose any.
If you get emotional doing that, you're doing it wrongly. It a sim, it's $1, it doesn't matter. Except to teach you. Stop being desperate to win, just be careful so you won't lose.
That's what I did, NOT trading was really hard, but you have to do that.
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Anyone doing it?
I'm doing a bit of day/swing trading on a free platform.
I've had good times and boring ones!
Anyone using Trading212/cfd, eToro?

I'm going to do the free demo.

What one of the 3 above do you recommend?
What's easiest to navigate
I'm going to practice buying low selling high as in the short term and
eToro's details are different but you can do much the same as this.IG I don't know - similar I guess.
OK open an account at Trading212 and put £1k in it.
You get 5% interest on £ cash , a bit less on $.

If you buy UK stocks there's a 0.5% tax.
You can convert cash to $ euros for a low %, I think it's 0.35%
No tax on US shares. 0.3 I think on Euros

Use their Invest platform for now, not the CFD one.
As you say use the Practice account.

Look for stocks or sectors that have been doing OK generally.
Decide what your "term" is. Are you going to look and act daily, hourly, monthly??
Look at Nvidia - the poster boy, on say the 15 minute chart. Normally I'd say 1day , but Nvidia is bonkers.
Draw lines in the chart linking the highs, and another linking the lows, which will be curves upwards. There are indicators which can help with that.
WHen it's lowish in your imaginary channel, buy £10 worth .
I would have said General Electric, which I've been bangin on about, . Look at the charts to see why. It happens to have just had a big boost, which gained me a lump of money, but whether that will mean a temp pullback, I dunno.

Of the Magnificent 7, Meta trends up but has soft times (good for dip buys), you could try that.
Tesla is a thing unto itself.
MSFT is OK, Apple is down at the moment, It's the biggest company. so you wouldn't bet against it, long term.
You could look at Rolls Royce, Marks and Spencer - they have highs and lows.
You could look at names in the news, like Boeing. Good company, battered in the press. They'll be back.
Look up a list of sector names. like XLK is techs, SMH is semiconductors. The platform will offer you something made by Ishares or another.
Don't buy on a whim - you'll lose. Read up on Swing Trading, and if nothing else, learn about support and resistance levels.

You can't "go short" on the Invest platform, you'd need the CFD one for that, and you're into overnight fees then.

Stops - limit orders. If you find the levels you want to buy and sell at, you can set Alerts, or pending Orders.

"Stop losses" are tempting, but you have to set them well clear of any sometimes invisible "wicks" . Dips bounce back so don't set them, for now. I set them either very tight if I won't accept any loss, or well down out of the way. If you set them at minus just a few percent, they'll keep getting tripped. There is always a "Spread" you don't know, so there's always a small cost.
Be aware if you're in a stock which pays Dividends. The stock dips when it goes "ex-Div".
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Look at the chat with Michael Nauss - the nerdy looking guy with the big long beard, at
he's at about 15 mins in. That's the sort of thinking which works - the guy is mahoosively successful.

Coincidentally , about 5 mins after the end, Neal talks about his "favourite boring stock" General Electric.
Trading Demo on 212.

Looks to me if I'm trading @ £500 x 10 =£5000

Seems tedious that any gains will be small over a week or so.

Should I be investing more ££££'s in less companies to make this work.

In reality I could have £15000 but even then is this not enough for short term trading?
I'd say
Use the simulator

Be realistic and informed about the possibilities.

No. Monopoly money only and 5k is plenty

Learn about compounding! 2% a week is ~280% in a year.

The amount is irrelevant while you're in the simulator. Only move to money of you can reliably (90%+) avoid losing anything. Then you can increase your risk until you're earning more, very carefully. It is a craft and does take some time to learn, but KISS.

Look at the numbers. If a stock gets a "catalyst" (good Tesla sales figures in China, etc) it might rise around 5% (sometimes 20%) in a day.
You aren't in competition with others, but you will not get the first half, say, of any "surprise" rise because that's history in milliseconds. The bots get it.
So your 500 might get to be half of 5%, = 512. Sounds crap but it's an annual rate of 140%.

If a stock is just rising and falling naturally some will go 5%, some more. Like "888" - a smallish stock. The gambling shop mob.


You could have bought that twice in three months to make 20% each time. Those are 1 day candles. Look the co up.
Type into Google "888 buy or sell" and probably Motley will have passed judgment, free.
Quite a well defined range at the moment. Simplistically, that's x4 in a year (1.2^8 = 4.3) . (it compounds, but you will miss the entries & exits a bit, and the structure won't hold forever), but you could use the cash for something else while 888 is falling..
The stock wouldn't have gone to zero unless they're in trouble, so you'd look them up to check. If you'd put a "stop loss" at 0.708, the thing would have hit at 19jan so you really need to understand what stop limit orders do. You need to understand trailing stops as well, they can both be useful. The platforms have explanations, and they vary.

There are other ways to try, depending what attention you're going to give it. I assume you aren't prepared to sit in front of a computer all day, mostly doing nothing?
If you take a "doing well" stock like General Electric, it hasn't really dipped in the last 3-4 months, so you'd just check it. 3 months, 40%, as of today (I told you so). Doubled in a year with no effort except watching.

If you take something like the Nasdaq tech index x 5 (leveraged stock QQQ5). you'd have to check it every day (set it to alarm)
and ideally sell it when there's a drop of say 1-2% in a day, then wait for blue. The colours tend to go in groups:

You see the candle developing during the day so it depends - whether you're completely tied up or not. The first red candle you'd normally want to let go, it has a small height, The second red is a nothing, but should warn you. When the third red candle starts dropping the price, sell. The next blue is a nothing, but the next blue after would be looking hopeful so you'd buy. There are plenty of websites like London Evening Standard Business news which would give you a steer every morning. There's another confusingly called London South East (LSE).
If you were really good at doing that you'd beat 100% in the 3 months. If you misstimed, it, it wouldn't matter too much because it a "rising trend", which is very important for a beginner especially.

If you're expecting to get "tips" so you can buy a stock for 500 and sell it at 700 at the end of the day, your success rate won't be high. Maybe a few a year. 1%, 2%, 4% would be quite common, 10% sometimes if you 'get up early'! 1% a week would be good, though.
Remember Bldg Soc 5% per annum is just 0.024% a day for 200 business days

There is scope to earn as much as you're bothered to.
It's not difficult, but it is HARD because you need to act like a detached psycopath. Mindfulness helps. Many people just can't do that. Listen for excuses.
You need a bit of brain but not that much. The psychology is what makes people blow up their account, or being too scared to make anything. You WILL lose at the start, so make sure it's monopoly money. I think I lost about £3k because I didn't bother much with the fake stuff.
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Tell me in simple terms

You invest £1000 ..

How much do you want it to go up before you sell?

Or are you saying let it go up & up & up, then sell on 3 red candles ?
GUess what - it depends. On your objectives.
How often can you spend some time looking at it, and how much volatility = risk (in case you mistime it or the market flips) can you stand?
T'other day it was announced that Currys are to be taken over by JD of Japan. Stock had risen but was still moving so I bought some and kept it to next day. It had jumped a bit more so I sold it. About a 5% gain, because of spreads.

£50 per £1000 in a day is just dandy, but you had to be there at the right time.
So it's hard to say.
If you aim to double in a year, you can find a dozen or more "instruments" which have done that. Some far more.
So you could start with a few of those, switch between them etc.
A couple are spectacular but highly likely to be unreliable just now because everyone's saying things are overheated in eg the chip section. If you can be nimble, you can switch to a fund which rises when the stock falls.

I went through 2-3 methods above, you could see which if any you fancy.
UK market including leverages of US stocks, is 8 am to 4:30 pm
US market is 2:30 pm tp 9 pm.
Stocks move when markets are closed. This weekend could be one of those times, so I'm holding very little.
Assuming you have say T212, look at the year long charts for
Rolls Royce and Rolls Royce leveraged 3x. Bear in mind you must sell leveraged stocks to stop them going negative (much) as long as the stock is generally upwards they're great.

Checkout Arista Networks for a swing contender. Jumpy thing, looks due for a 5% jump. Or MSFT -there's a x3 for that I think.
Try Google for suggestions.
Go to your stock finder and enter "3x" or "leveraged".
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@Bod ...
If you gargoyle "best shares to buy today" you'll get places like Tipranks and Marketbeat - free stuff. There are loads of review of reviews sites.
Thinkin - the chip stocks are roaring but there will have to be a crash sometime.
But if you avoid anything which might fall then you never catch a rise. Like the pensions people say be conservative. *******s. Earn well enough for a bit and any likely collapse will only hurt a bit and you'll be far better off than if you earned bugger all the time.

So we have the Magnificent 7, which is now more than 7. They aren't as easy to categorise as they were. Until last week, Apple were thinking of making an electric car ffs... They may be boring now, but they all have the size and potential to jump.
(3months growth %)
1) Facebook = META
2) Google, Alphabet, = GOOG or GOOGL
3) Amazon = AMZN
4) Nvidia = NVDA Very up atm
5) Microsoft = MSFT
6) Apple = AAPL Flat for a while now
7) Tesla = TSLA A law unto itself

8) Netflix = NTFLX Can be dramatic (3NFL 108%)
9) Super Micro Computer Inc = SMC Doubled in 2 weeks recently (318%) No leveraged version.
10) ASML Chip maker supplier in NL. It's just me, they're damned clever..
11) Taiwan Semi Mfr TSMC. They make the world's best chips (46%)
12) Eli Lilly LLY Monster drug mfr (37%)?)
13) General Electric GE Boring company doing OK (40%)
14) Rolls Royce RR Just because. There is a 3LRR, doubled in 3 months. (200%)
15) Palantir PLTR (3pltr 120%)
16) Advanced Micro Devices, AMD (3AMD 250%)

There are many others which have done well such as Uber UBER.

You can do what you like in the simulator so try say
1k of 3NVD That's NVDA, with all changes multiplied (460%)
1k of 3FB That's Facebook now META x3 (210%)
1k of 3MSF (21%)
1k of 3LCO , 3x COINbase, a cryptocurrency broker. You can look at the bitcoin price (on google) to see which way it's going. (200%)
1k of 5SPY which is 5x the S & P 500 (60%)
1k of 5QQQ , 5x the nasdaq 100 - more techy ones (65%)
1k of 3JPN 3x Japan (42%) for diversity, innit.
The leveraged stocks will hurt you if the stock falls more than a little, I'm only suggesting you use them for more rapid changes.

Something else you could so is look at the T212 "Fastest Movers" watchlist, soon after the US market opens at 14:30, try buying one and see what happens. some will go up 200% etc, quickly. They can muck you about.
To use Watchlists, you'll have to see their crappy videos etc, but from the Home page you select the tab half way up the LHside, then the watchlist you want at the top. Try clicking the titles, they part slide out of the way etc. On the screen will give


The tab is the main out-in, half way up.
Click the yellow ringed things. You can see I have a number of my own watchlists - the ones without the icons.
Create , at the bottom, and if you search for a stock with the magnifying glass (red), you get the option to add the stock to a watchlist. One watchlist you can see I have there I called LevsLondon, with is the leveraged stocks I look at.

Something you can't see is the SPREAD. Try buying a stock, see what price you get, then sell it immediately, and see how much the round trip cost you. Anything from 0.1% to 10% - you'll soon see.
If you go to and enter the ticker at the top, a page or so down you see the bid/offer price. T212 are not supposed to add to that but they do. There's a similar page for actual nasdaq or nyse stocks. The Leveraged ones are all in London.

There's a certain about of a learning curve. Ask the Bot, it's quite good, or obvs, ask me.

Remember, buy when the stock is in an uptrend say on the 5 minute candles, but has hesitated or dropped a little then gone on to rise again, on the 1 minute. No uptrends? Don't buy.
OR when it Bounces from an established LEVEL. You need to learn about levels.
If you just buy when it's going up with NO reason - you'll lose like Arbu does, repeatedly. If there's a Catalyst which is pushing the stock up like the fast risers will have, you stand a chance. Just have a sell finger ready in case.

Timing the sell is an art for. Stocks do hesitate or pull back a little. Sometimes it's better to sell and wait to see, other times its best to just hold on. You get better at that.

If you're holding for longer, then look at the range it's in, as described before.
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