3 Feb 2005
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United Kingdom
Is it acceptable to terminate the armour of 3 core swa in a galvinised adaptable box, mounted near the CU leaveing the insulated cores and centre pvc insulation long enough to exit through the Galvinised box via a 20mm compression gland, clip to the meter board for about 12" and then enter the CU in the normal way by a top cut-out. One of the cores will be an earth, and also the adaptable box will be earthed with the banjo and a 6mm seperate earth from the MET. Is the un-armoured cable clipped to the meter board acceptable under the di rules?

Any ideas?
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As Far as I know then Yes..

25mm Round Conduit may be better than clipping it.

Don't see why you need conduit - the cable will still be DI:

just could be a little neater, rather than trying to force it out, as it may need brass bushes in each.. IYSWIM?

And it would also require a seperate earth /cpc running to the gland.

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I think it is a little amaturish - I would prefer to see it done 'correctly'.

Can you not butt the galv box upto the CU??
Lectrician, I could possibly squeeze it in beside the CU. The problem is I can not attach the box to the CU as there is not enough room to make a 20mm hole or for fitting a conduit connector between the box and CU. The only way I can see would be to knock out a 20mm blank in the box,bung in a grommet and place it beside the CU but not actually attached to it. If I could get away with this solution, would you still recommend keeping the centre insulation on until through the CU side wall or just pull the tails through from the armour gland in the box.

There's no reason not to keep the inner sheath intact right into the CU.

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