Tall radiators?

28 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I'd like to replace a radiator in our bathroom for a slightly bigger one as the room is quite cold. The current rad is type 21 (two panels, one big convector) 700mm high and 400mm wide. I can't fit a wider rad than 400mm.
Looking at rads of similar sizes I think that this one should give about 2000-2500BTUs.
I'm trying to find a taller rad with a maximum width of 400mm, but 700mm seems to be the highest that's widely available. I found vertical/column and designer rads which are 380mm wide and up-to 1800mm tall but they are quite expensive (£200+) and none of them is convecting.

My questions are:
Is it possible to buy a "normal" panel convecting rad which is higher than 700mm? If not, will a non-convecting rad give twice as much heat if its BTU is two times higher comparing to a convecting rad?

Thanks a lot
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All rads convect. In fact they convect a hell of am lot more than they radiate.

Do you mean finned versus un-finned?

Fins give approximately 30% more output for a given read size.

700 is your limit for normal horizontal rads.

Vertical rads are the same, but with the mounting arrangement turned 90° and the price hoiked Up accordingly.

Serves you right for having a dinky bathroom.
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Afraid so.... towel rails are shoite. So you need a real read to push out the kw's .

Loathe though I am, to suggest it, but maybe electric Underfloor heating to augment the rads on the coldest days?

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