Tanking Aquapanel.

31 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a BAL WB1 tanking kit for a bath/shower enclosure. 1 wall is Aquapanel and 2 walls are plaster board. I read in a previous thread that aquapanel should be coated with tile adhesive before tanking. Is this correct. I am going to use BAL adhesives and grout for the light 6mm ceramic tiles but I have some left over Mapi Keraflex I could use before tanking if required (is it suitable). I have attached a pic of the corner interface if it helps.

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Yes you need to skim the aquapanel with tile adhesive, the mapei you have will be OK. Tape the joints before you skim with the AP mesh tape.

Hi Jason, do you know the reason the Bal tanking solution needs to have tile backer boards skimmed? It can only be that it doesn't adhere too well to tile backer boards, but I'd love to know why. :confused:
Thanks for the replies guys :( . The joints already taped an filled. When you say a scim, could I just drag a knife of adhesive over it, leaving very little on. Its just I will Bu&&er it up otherwise and my bath is already a very tight fit. I only used aquapanel on this wall because it will be compromised with holes for shower etc. Or should I only tank the plaster board walls and only use the tape and adhesive in the corner and wall to bath interfaces. Would that work do you think?

Thanks Again.
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gcol, I think they had a few problems with adhesion thats why they now say skim it.

MoN, you only need a very thin skim maybe 1mm.

Mesh tape over the AP joints before skimming. BAl Tanking tape to internal corners and over any plasterboard joints. If thats plasterboard that the tape & sponge are resting on then tank that as well.

It looks like you have already taped & filled the AP, hope it was AP tape as plasterboard tape can be affected by additives in the tile adhesive.

1mm, even I can handle that. I could only be 1mm out of flat :D . Will do.
The sponge is on nomoreply (leftover from floor) over 18mm wbp, the sides of the boxing are aquapanel. Was not planning on tanking that.

Did not know that, I got the tape off my plasterer. :eek: . However the joint is well screwed to a 75x50 noggin behind. Hope that will be ok?

Thanks for all the help guys.
Will post some pics of kitchen and bathroom when complete for your amusement. :LOL:

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