Task manager



This morning the computer had a bit of a fit with a web page frozen and the(what i presume)hard drive doing ten to the dozen I opened up task manager and in the processes tab it showed helpsvc.exe using 50cpu what ever that is,any explanations in layman terms.Also what is pf usage mine is currently using 612 mb.In the task manager now there is no helpsvc.exe and if i go into run and type this in nothing comes up.
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I think you might have tried pressing the ESC key, and accidentally hit F1 perhaps..

HELPSVC is the the Help Service and was probably whinging about being launched, IE might have slowed things down as it sometimes does. You cant go START > RUN > HELPSVC.. in most cases because its not in the Environment Variable List (a location or list of locations where all the computers' programs can be launched via typing in the program or service)
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