Telephone wiring is a mess! Know nowt!

29 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
Need some advice - the wiring for the phone system in the house is a disaster and what I know about telecoms you could write on a small stamp with a fat pen.

Basically; the cable comes into the house in one of the upper rooms, it comes into a small junction box which at the moment is just loose, sitting on a window sill. The cabes that runs from this box into the rest of the house looks frayed, is very loose etc. What I want to know is, can i deal with the box myself or do BT need to deal with it, how easy is it to tidy up the connections and do I need any particular tools (got something in my mind about needing a specific telephone cable/wire installation tool!?)

Told you I knew nothing about telecoms...
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As Mattylad said, the wiring coming in from the outside world to the NTE5 socket (or the master socket on older installations) is the property and responsibility of the service provider.

All the extension sockets are connected in parallel, with terminal 2 connected to terminal 2 of the next socket, 3-3, and 5-5.

Try to lay out your wiring so there's no more than two cables to connect at each terminal. Most terminals are only designed to take two wires.

The terminals are designed to work with solid cores, not stranded wires

There are IDC (Insulation displacement connection) tools available like


Or there is a cheap and cheerful all plastic version good enough for most DIY needs. Don't punch the wires down with a screwdriver, it strains the contacts.

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follow TicklyT's advice you wont go wrong. the recommended number of extesions is only 5 - but dependant on the lengths of cables.
only wire off from your master using 'secondary' points, but if you have master's by mistake just snip the diode's off the rear (usually yellow/cylindrical)
just snip the diode's off the rear (usually yellow/cylindrical)

it's actually a capacitor. Also need to take out the small resistor. Leaving the other device ( surge protection ) in will not affect the speech.

If possible separate telephone wiring from broad band wiring at the NTE 5 by fitting a front plate with "master" filter there. Then there is no need for micro-filters on each telephone and in fringe areas for broadband there is a slight improvement on the broadband when there are no phones on the wires carrying broad band inside the house.

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