Wiring to Telephone Master Socket

13 Feb 2016
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

Wondering if any telecoms boffins could give me an opinion on something.

We recently moved house and I have been wondering around doing various jobs and repairs since then. A few days ago, I was checking the pointing around the front of the house and noticed something about the wiring going in to the back of the telephone master socket from the outside of the property (photo attached).

I'm no telecoms expert by any stretch, but should the insulation on the right-hand white wire have been stripped back to expose all of the internal wiring to the elements? Bearing in mind that this wiring is not in a porch or covered by a canopy and is completely open to wind and rain, surely this can only expose the internal wiring to damage and weathering over time.

If the photo isnt clear, the outer insulation on the right-hand wire has been stripped back by a good couple of inches before it goes into the weatherproof box. The left-hand wire is fully insulated all the way into the box.

Any opinions would be welcome.

Many thanks.


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Find a cable clip, push the cable back into the box, fit clip - done

EDIT 20:20 : After all, that's where it came from in the first place :rolleyes:
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As euro suggests, try and push the cable back into the grey JB and secure it.

I guess there is enough slack to do this?
Looks a bit odd that combination of cables into a BT external box,

Does the grey cable going of to the left go to your house or to a neighbours ?

Pushing the wires back into the box may disturb other connections and if that grey cable doe go to a neighbour then disturbing connections could cut their phone line.
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................. then open the box, one screw, push the cables back and clip, close up, done.

Don't make a mountain of a molehill.

The size of cable is quite normal at a lot of installations.
Will take a look - we are a detached property so would assume there would be no need to involve us with next door's wiring.

Thanks all.
Failing that some waterproof tape would help, to be honest looking at the spiders webs etc it does look as if water has been near so it should be fine
Does the black cable on the right go into the box ? It looks like it's heading into the wall. Where does the grey cable come from or go to - grey is usually BT armoured cable, but it doesn't look thick enough. White wires are usually for internal use only....

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