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23 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
I thought about putting this in Roofing and Guttering, but it feels better here.

I've measured the height of what I want to reach (a flat over-porch area) and it's slightly over 4 metres. I think that means most of the 3.8m telescopic ladders are out... I was initially looking for a Youngman or Xtend and Climb model, but they appear to top-out at 3.8m.

Amazon show some 5m options made by Worhan and Nordstrand (I've never of either brand) and they are said to meet the EN131 safety standard.

Does anyone on here use a 5m telescopic ladder and is it one of the above, and are they recommended for going to that kind of height? I weigh just under 100KGs so weight-wise they should be OK, but I'm expecting there'll be a bit of movement as I'm up them...

Appreciate any pointers anyone might have.
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I had one (from QVC) didn't like it and sent it back, that was only 3m but a fair bit of whip in it maybe OK for getting up to change a light bulb but I wouldn't fancy doing building work or trying to put an old style TV up in the loft with one!:eek:

Maybe a stupid question but why a tele ladder? A short 2.2 triple will reach 5m usually and stores quite easily.

If it is a one off job and storage is a problem hiring a trade ladder and maybe a stand off too might be the best solution.
Hi, it won't be a one-off, so I'm figuring the investment is sensible. Plus the ladders would be used at more than 1 property so it's not storage but rather transport that made me consider these. Don't want them on the roof of my car.

I have now found the ladders above for £199 plus VAT so that's feeling a lot better. Going to use my laser measuring tool to ensure 4.4m is enough. Fingers-crossed.
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Yes I can see your point about transport. Perhaps after you have used it you can let us know if it is any good and how you got on.(y)
4.4m on a 4m roof doesn't leave you much ladder above the roof. I'd want another metre myself. It's not just stepping off the ladder, it's getting back on again.
Quite. The horizontal porch roof is 4.7m above ground level, according to my laser measure, when the ground is stepped-back to where I think the ladder feet would be... so it's 4.7m distance on a diagonal.

This means I could get to the higher rungs then pull myself over the ledge onto the porch roof. Getting down is likely to be even more precarious.

But, to say the least, it doesn't sound ideal. Not a bit.

For the other jobs it would be ideal, that much is obvious, but this is the job that I want to do first and what is driving my desire to purchase.
I would go for the heavy duty ladders if you weigh nearly 100kgs I would like some feedback too if you decide to buy some.
I bought these ladders and I can say I'm pleased with them after using them to reach a high landing for wallpaper removal. Mechanism seems really well built, ladders are sturdy, they weigh quite a bit but that's no bad thing. They obviously fit in the car. The tubes are really thick and the rubber feet seem well-planted.

Prefer being on step ladders, for obvious reasons, but just can't get where I can with these telescopic ladders.

I did try them to reach my porch, but no banana. Nothing longer out there in this style, though.
I've had my telesteps for about 15 years now, starting to show their age now but still work, they get through rubber feet like nobody's business, the Ali tube cuts its way through with your weight in no time but bungs can be bought seperately, I do believe telesteps offer a courier service to pick them up and deliver back for free when you send them back for servicing, prices don't seem bad either for that

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