Texecom 32xp-w lost the plot?

7 Jan 2022
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OK, this is odd.

I am setting up a Texecom alarm system. Pretty new to this setup, but I know my way around electronics in general.

Premier Elite 48 (V5.06.00LS1), Premier Elite SMK keypads, 32XP-W wireless expander (V3.1.10). Chatting to panel via Wintex 7.2 via Serial>USB converter. Mostly going OK. I am just connecting up one part of the system at a time, as I learn. Near-vertical learning curve!

I had the 32XP-W going OK, "learned" three wireless door switches to it and could see them all nicely responding on the Ricochet app. What fun! I was in the process of connecting up a Premier Elite OH-W wireless fire alarm, when I lost the PC connection. In bringing it back up, I managed to get the panel and Wintex out of sync. Although all the comms cabling was in place and the keypads continue to work fine, I could not communicate with the 32XP-W. All the busy lights still flash, end even the wireless door switches still light the row of red diagnostic LEDs, as before.

Since I hadn't done much setup, I decided to retrace my steps a little; fully power down, Press and hold Panel Reload Defaults, and start over. I have done the basic setup again, including the initial "Confirm Devices" stage, which shows one keypad and the 32XP-W expander on Net 1 as expected.

I go into "Learn Ricochet">"Learn Device Zone 009 N1, E1">"yes" and now I get a low "No/error" bleep rather than the previous 20 second countdown while I learned the devices to the 32XP-W. None of the zones 9-40 will accept the command to learn a new wireless device.

I have been through the "All Devices Deleted" screen, in case tehre was conflict, there, but still cannot relearn wireless devices (the panel won't even try - "low/beep/error" sound. I have tried reseting the wireless switches by removing the batteries, but I am pretty sure that the problem is between the panel and the 32XP-W.

There are no real clues in the log. It doesn't seem to record detailed wireless config attempts. The Ricochet graphical app now only reports the 32XP-W alone (no remote sensors), and responds as one would expect to the tamper circuit being opened and closed, so clearly the panel knows the 32XP-W is still there.

<ARGH!> What am I doing wrong? I feel like I need some sort of global 32XP-W "reset" but I cannot find such a command. Any help or ideas hugely appreciated.

Probably time for bed, now! :(

UPDATE WAIT! It's back, now. I attempted to resend EVERYTHING from Wintex, and now the 32XP-W is accepting wireless learning again. Hmm, wish I knew what I did wrong, there...
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Firstly Can't be certain on exactly why but this isn't uncommon and suspect the following from your relatively detailed account.

When you lose connection with Wintex, then Ricochet monitor should be closed down and then reopened after the panel has been reconnected. Not doing so after losing connection seems to not re-establish the connection to Ricochet monitor In deed on some occasion you may find more than 1 ricochet monitor open.

Loading panel defaults messes with the allocation as it doesn't default the wireless expander, hence why you cant learn things on. To recover sending the stored data in wintex is one solution as it stores the wireless data for the panel and you sent this back.

The solution if you don't have a back is to wipe the wireless expander clean.
This can be done via the panel in two ways, deleting each slot in zone setup manually, or erasing the data in learn ricochet.

you can also manually put the expanders with the option switches 1 and 2 up and press and hold the learn button until all the device address leds light up. This is covered in the manuals if I recall correctly in more detail

Do you know what you were doing to lose connection with the panel, ie udl passcode change, comport change, losing connection......
Thanks for your reply, SecureIAm. Your comments make sense to me. I am suffering occasional PC connection losses, (via a com port and TTL serial to USB connector, so I have a pucker cable on order) but normally I just reconnect again and carry on. I did see multiple session or Ricochet at one point, yes.

I am still finding my way around the system, so if I have to wipe stuff and start over, that's OK. I hadn't previously found a way of resetting the wireless expander, so, thanks for your explanation - I will try that.

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