Texecom 32XP-W won't learn devices and other questions

4 Apr 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi Everyone
Looking for some advice on my alarm setup (I don't have all the history of the install since it was done by the previous owners)...

1. In engineer mode, when I hit 'yes' on the 'YES to select Learn Ricochet' it immediately says 'All Devices Learnt!' but when I select the reset button it then says 'All Devices Deleted!'... What's going on with this? How do I resolve it to pair a new wireless detector?

2. May be related to the first query, I'm not sure what the firmware is on the 32XP-W, it looks a lot older than the Premier Elite 24 which is running firmware v4. Any ideas on how to identify the firmware of the 32XP-W (the board is marked 2010 and S/N seems to be WTT100764*)? Would an incompatible firmware explain the pairing behaviour?

Thanks for the assistance!
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sounds like its a version 1 expander given you cant see the firmware on the pcb so a blank green sticker?

the latest expander version is 3.1.10 which has been out for a few years now. version 2 expanders upwards have the version sticker on a green sticker on a chip inside the unit, it can also be seen in wintex when you select ricochet monitor, on a version one expander you should be able to see it on if you directly connect an engineers keypad to the port on the expander or usbcom to ricochet monitor, although not sure if that still works for a direct connection.

version 1 expanders would be used in legacy mode (from memory) and wont be able to add wireless bells, keypads or DT-W's for a start.

there are a few version 3 expanders for sale on ebay if you take a look.

If the Premier panel is V4, was this on a green sticker inside the unit, or was it found by using menu 4, if inside the panel V4 then would expect wireless expander to be version 2/3 if bought with unit, if the p24 was version 1/2 on the pcb then its possible the expander is a version 1 expander, but the sticker on the pcb should tell you the version number if above version 1.
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Thanks @secureiam !

The green sticker is blank on the expander, and the p24 is labelled as v4. I'm guessing the panel must've been upgraded at some point and the expander was redundant but they didn't bother removing it (this would at least explain why I have a wireless expander on the network but no wireless devices pre-installed)... Anyway many thanks for the help troubleshooting!
Don’t the older receivers learn via radio devices and not ricochet ?.....or is that when it’s a non elite with an early ricochet expander ....?
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Don’t the older receivers learn via radio devices and not ricochet ?.....or is that when it’s a non elite with an early ricochet expander ....?
According to texecom literature it's not compatible with v4 panel firmware
The reason I am saying this , we have a job that has an old version 1 wireless expander on it which came from the customers old house , it was re fitted on a new panel ( it only had smart keys on the new job ) my college went to add a contact to the new job and it wouldn’t learn ...I am sure he had to learn it via radio devices , will ask tomorrow
Yes its compatible, but you are using it in legacy mode, personally I would upgrade the 32XP-W.

so you learn devices in configure radio and map them.

You cant have certain wireless devices as the require a version 2 or version 3 expanders.

so wireless bell or wireless DT would require Version 2.x a wireless keypad would require 3.x

As a version 1 expander ricochet monitor cant be accessed via wintex etc etc.

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