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5 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi guys,
Alarm newbie here so be gently.

Having spent many a hour looking around this site and others I am almost at the point of ordering my alarm.
It seems that the Texecom alarms are highly regarded so that is where I've started.

The alarm:
  • Texecom Premier 48 Panel
    Premier LCD Remote Keypad
    Rechargeable Battery for Burglar Alarm 7.2ah 12 Volt
    Odyssey 4E Sounder x2 (Front and back)
    SB2 Sound Bomb internal sounder
    4 core wire
Think I have this bit covered, so no real questions other than general comments and have I missed something?

  • AMQD+ Anti Masking Quad Plus PIR x4
    AFU-0004 wall or ceiling mounting
    Vibration Detector with Latching Facility x4
    High quality white surface magnetic door contacts x2
I know this adds up to more than 8 zones, but I intend to group the vibration detectors into 1 or 2 zones as they will be on the windows at the back of the house in the same room and they have the latching facility.
So, does this makes sense?
Also, is the EOL wiring ok when grouping the detectors or do I need a dedicated tamper circuit? Therefore 6 core wire?

  • Texecom PSD-001 [CGC-0001] Texecom Speech and Text Dialler PSD001
    COM2400 Plug On Digital Communicator
    Texecom USB-Com UploadDownload Software
Ok, fairly sure I do not need all of these. What I want is to be able to configure the alarm with the computer and also get text messages when the alarm goes off.
Really I am thinking that all I need is the COM2400 as this allows remote configuring, but the USB-Com comes with the software (I think). Not entirely sure what the PSD-001 speech and text dialler is for.
Also the Texecom 48 says it supports SMS but kind of assumed you need to add the comm unit.
Therefore, can some one set me straight here?

Any help resolving these areas of confusion is appreciated!
Also, I have wired houses (before part P anyway) and have done pretty much everyelse on the my house so think I'm upto the task, just haven't done it before.

Cheers in advance :D
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Looks good on paper.

Use 6 core not 4. Several reasons, i`m sure you`ll work it out if you only buy 4 core, by then too late.
Speech dialler is what it says.
If you set up wintex correctly your pc can mail you events.
Alao text diallers are very unreliable, ever sent a text and its not been recieved?

If your going to use more than one shock on a zone it will be easier to use normal double pole rather than EOL.
Again a reason for 6 core.
Cheers for replying.

6 core it is. Thought the grouping would have an effect as the EOL tamper is based on resistors and my elementry electonics says the resistance will be different.

Anyway. The dialers and things.
To me, these three products are performing the same thing. Surely I don't need all of them!
So, if I want to be able to configure the alarm with my laptop and get texts when it goes off. Which bit(s) do I need?
Hear what you are saying about text messages but when out and about I am more likely to get a text than an email.
Hook up lead and a dialler would suit your needs with of course the software.
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There in lies a problem. I had assumed that the software would come with it. But looking a bit harder it seems it does not and you need to be a registered installer to get it.
Is this true?

And for clarification:
Texecom PSD-001 [CGC-0001] Texecom Speech and Text Dialler PSD001
Texecom USB-Com UploadDownload Software


COM2400 Plug On Digital Communicator
Texecom USB-Com UploadDownload Software


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