texecom oddysey tamper issue

21 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi there. I am having an issue with the above. my weekend project was connecting a second bellbox (texecom oddysey 3) to my alarm system (scantronic 9600). the current bellbox is also a texecom oddysey 3 btw.

I have set the second unit on scb mode and wired it up as it shows in the manual and followed the instructions on the tamper set up. anyway this is what the manual says " remove the tamper wire from MSW 2 on the first unit and connect to spare core. on second unit connect spare core to MSW 1.

So i have done what it says but the problem is the first unit is staying in hold off (left led flashing) regardless and the panel showing "unit tamper" (sounder tamper). the second unit works fine its just the first unit giving me trouble.

hope this is clear and thanks in advance
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Never wire them that way ! Allways at panel two cables ,tamper return up the negative of one bell box with a connector on and tamper return of second bell box as the tamper return input ...sounds like it's not wired correct ...
will that work?, I was lead to believe that the tamper return should not have any load on it as its just a signal wire.. is there another way to do it maybe use MSW1 on first unit instead?. cheers
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have to be honest think the manual confuses most.

taking out the msw 2 white wire out, conect that white wire to the spare core, that spare core at the other end wires into msw1 along side thw white wire already there.

(No tamper connected to C(tamper terminal on the second box).

The second unit may need to be put on LC, this will lose less volume than placing it on SCB.
thanks sparkymarka. the manual isn't very accurate with the tamper set up otherwise it would have worked. I will try it the the normal way as you suggest using the tamper return on the first then connecting this to the negative on the second unit. i will let you know how i get on.

just one more thing does the fault unit relay output have any benefits at all? would you bother using these? both bell boxes are wired in 8 core back to panel. cheers
hi sparkymarka its me again. i have wired up the bell tampers the normal way and all it works as it should, (both sounders report a tamper back to the panel whichever one i open) so thanks again.

ps just one more thing both sounders have a fault relay output option. are these worth connecting at all?. both sounders are wired in 8 core back to panel and there are spare zones in the panel. cheers
hi, I just need some confirmation on the fault relay outputs thanks
no problem thanks, I will try to remember changing the bellbox batteries around the same time as the panel battery. thanks again :)

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