Texecom Premier Elite - alarm triggered immediately if exit interrupted

10 Jun 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have Texecom Premier Elite 48 with a niggling problem: if the exit procedure is interrupted, the alarm is triggered immediately.

Relevant info:
3 Areas, A, B & C
The keypad, front door and hallway PIR are all in A

This is how I encounter the problem:
  • Start the exit procedure
  • Open the front door, leave the house.
  • Close the front door
  • Within 2 seconds think "Darn, I forgot my car keys!"
  • re-open the front door
  • Alarm triggers instantly.
This is shown in the attached log file. You can see that at 13:01:35 when the front door is re-opened, both the front door and hallway PIR are triggered immediately, triggering the alarm at the same time.

The front door is set to Entry/Exit 1 and the Hallway PIR is set to Guard Access.

I would expect that the system would at least give me the usual 30 seconds to offer up my tag.

During a normal entry, the system behaves as I would expect.

Any thoughts?
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Ask Texecom how its supposed to work there open till 6 and they are not usually choc ablock busy at this time should get straight through.

I cant think at the moment had a long day and I cant think of a solution at the minute.
It's arming fail , not alarm ! it will sound the bells on this version , can turn this option off.
Did you set alarm then leave the house ?
Oh forgot keys ?
Went back into house to get keys ?
Did not turn alarm off,got keys and went back out ?
Entry exit time expired and caused arm fail which then made external bell box ring ?
If you turned alarm off then got keys this would not have happened.
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had a kip, that's better.

bell on arm fail is short lived if turned on, you should disarm the other areas, then rearm the system.

as Jo says if you go upstairs you would set the alarm off without disarming, however I don't see bell active or a zone I area B or c that was activated.
Thanks everyone for your replies. To answer some of the comments:

Sparkymarka: Yes, you are right, this is arming fail, not a full alarm trigger. But the keypad does make the same noise as a full alarm. Not sure if this triggers the external bells as it is currently switched off. Would you expect an arming failure to set off the external bell? Can I make it so that if the arming of an area fails that it just part-arms?

Handymanjo: The arming failure is triggered the instant the door is reopened. This is not a case of walking back in the house looking for keys whilst the arming process is still occurring.

secureiam: Definitely not a case of going upstairs or walking round the house, the arming failure happens as soon as the door is re-opened. When you say 'bell on arm fail is short lived' I assume you mean the external bells (the keypad is still sounding some hours later). I need to check this.

I'll turn on the external bells this weekend and try again. It's not a problem if only the keypad alarm is sounding ( I guess this serves to tell the person exiting that the arming has failed for whatever reason), but if the external bells sound, this is a problem.

I'll update on Sunday.

Thanks again for all your help

bell on arm fail fires the external bell for a few seconds, to let you know it has failed, internally not sure how long it lasts but the idea is to draw your attention to the arm fail so you can set it properly before you are too far away.

bell on arm fail flashes the strobe on successful set, I find it useful as you walk out of the house, alarm sets you don't hear anything, it fails you get a short burst of the bell box.

so you turn around and walk back in, to be fair it usually only ever fails when someone returns in your scenario, or someone is still in the house you forgot about.

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