Hall pir causing alarm on entry. Wireless door sensor

31 Dec 2012
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United Kingdom
Just need some advice on the settings to use for the hall PIR (wired) we have door contact which is wireless which can take a second or two to trigger the entry timer on the alarm.

When this happens the opening of the front door triggers the hallway PIR and sets off the alarm (which is set to guard access) is there anyway around this? My guess is the panel isn't picking up the door contact starting the entry process and the hallway pir is thinking someone has broken in.

Panel is a premier elite 64w with 4 hard wired pirs and 3 wireless door contacts.
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What device mode is the wireless door contact set to, auto,always awake,hybrid. Should be always awake.
Wireless devices take time to respond to control panel.
Option would be to set hallway pir as Entry exit,instead of entry route if causing problems.
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The door contact is set to always awake I tried having both the pir and door contact on as entry exit 1 but when trying to set the alarm went off with a arming error
Annoyingly the patio door sets off the chime/registers with the panel almost instantly (again a wireless contact)
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Swapped them round and the delay still exists on the front door (which is now the patio sensor) It must be delay in the signal. (Can I get the system to remesh the 3 door contacts, upstairs keypad and one wireless pir?)

Will try setting the system to timed in the morning with the hall pir set to entry exit.

If not I will either disable the hall pir ( there is a pir on the landing and lounge) so the only thing that can be nicked is the toilet roll from the toilet.

Or I chase the walls and put a cable from the keypad to the door. (This is the least wife friendly option)!
Seen this occasionally with possibly jamming/ weather , open the door enough to wait a few seconds before opening fully, usually can hear the the entry starting.

seen it in a Risco panel where heating on full blast, open door the sudden change triggers the PIR, changed for a DT but that will have its own issues potentially on exit on the Elite with the DT waking op up on setting.

micro contacts signal strength, you can try a deeper back box.

with the jamming if the jamming isn’t long enough to trigger jamming signal it could still interfere with device operation.
micro contacts signal strength, you can try a deeper back box.
I changed the backbox on the contact to the deeper one and now the door contact seems to trigger almost instantly.

Hopefully that's sorted the issue

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