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17 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
I have a Premier Elite 48 with 8 zones configured, 1 door sensor, 6 PIRs downstairs, one upstairs.
The hall PIR covers the RKP and stairs and is set to Guard Access.

I can set up a night mode (upstairs PIR set as Part 1 Omit) and this works fine, the stairs PIR acts as the entry mode in Part Set.

However, I'd like to arm via area (A is downstairs, B is upstairs, C garage). It's linked into a home automation system which does stuff when different zones are armed, so I don't want actions for area A happening at night, for example)

If I arm by A only - the part set entry mode doesn't apply, so I get an immediate alarm walking downstairs as no Entry/Exit has started.

Is there a workaround, without adding an additional keypad upstairs? What if I set the hall PIR to Entry/Exit instead of Guard Access? I guess this means a brick through the hall window would mean an entry start instead of an immediate alarm?
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If you use alarm with areas the alarm will work as indepandent systems.
You will have to use separate codes for each area or use master code to disarm each area.
If you change hallway to entry exit it will always start the timer
If you want area B as bed time these are indepandent area and possibly would need a keypad upstairs.
how do you want it work?

The panel is crazy flexible and you need to think through how you want it to work and how simple you want to keep it.

for example a user can be local arm and global disarm, quick arm on the keypad could set both areas.

Its a little more complicated than that but you get the idea?
So what I want is (forget the garage for now)

Full set, arming areas A+B with entry/exit Arming Mode
Entry mode starts when opening front door (triggering door contact Z1)

Nightime set, arming area A only, instant Arming Mode
Entry mode starts when walking downstairs (triggering PIR Z2)

Z1 is Entry/Exit, Z2 is Guard Access, all other PIRs set to Guard.

I think I am close to it with the current config, which is to set:
Area A = "Downstairs" instant set with all downstairs PIRs/contact
Area B = "Upstairs" with upstairs PIRs
Area Arm Suite 1 = A+B entry/exit, this is what get starts on the "Do you want to set the alarm" default
Or, press Area then 1, to only arm A, which arms instantly.

However, unless I set Z2 as an entry/exit, I will trigger an alarm when walking downstairs. I guess this makes sense, if I used Part Set options then Z2 would act as an entry trigger when part set - but this results in areas A and B

(Reason: My home automation runs a number of actions when we 'go out' and 'come home', but I don't want the heating going to economy when we are in bed, etc etc - I did think about using the panel outputs, but this means more wiring and kit)
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not sure why you want area B upstairs for the upstairs pirs.

you could have it all on area A and omit part 1 the pirs upstairs including the landing.

The home automation integration is where the issue is, ie how you tell the home automation system your out (heating economy, and in heating normal).

so area A armed out, in area A disarmed or Part 1 armed??????
Part Set definitely was a lot easier to configure and work with.
The problem is, I have to use area mode.
Can't go into too much detail as the Crestron protocol is under NDA :whistle:
Crestron protocol there isn't much to it wrt to integration, been a long while since I looked at it and it uses simple commands to tell the alarm panel what to do from a Creston device.

so its possible to program a Crestron device to use a combined command on a single button press from my memory.

I don't understand where the issue is, can the Crestron device not see part armed status over full armed status?

As its under NDA I am guessing its under Texecom and you have a few sheets of the protocol commands as they were at the time you signed the nda. I would suggest talking with Texe, however there support on these things is usually limited if any, which again I suspect would be the case with Texecom connect and the new api its releasing for that.

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