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26 Aug 2015
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United Kingdom
Well, it turns out Ive got stuck when programing my 48 panel.

Ive got wintex connected, Ive managed to (I think) name all zones and set up the zones up correctly in the settings. However I'm still having some issues when trying to program it to do what I want to do.

Basically I have the following
zones 1-7 for various rooms within the house. Zone 9 is wired through a keypad.

3 keypads are addressed 1-3. Zone 9 is on keypad 3.

Ive got zone 3 and zone 4 set as entry/exit1 Area A (these are PIR not door contacts)

Ive got zone 9 set as entry/exit1 Area B.

The reason for having zone 9 as a different zone is that I want to have different entrance AND exit times on this zone. It appears that a zone can only have one exit time, hence putting it in a different zone.

Ive set Area A and Area B as timed exit (as there are no door contacts, and it appears unless the zone is triggered during exit, then it doesn't set) and it is possible to exit without triggering a zone.

I can set the panel and exit. If I enter the house through the front door, I get the predetermined time to enter the code. If I don't, then the sounders go off as expected. So that bit works fine.

If however I enter through zone 9, where I expect to get a different entry time, it does not alarm at all. Its as though zone B is not being set when I exit. I can arm/disarm the system from the keypad in zone B, but same thing. The keypads say "Zone in exit A", so its not setting zone B - any ideas?

Also, it seems I must have incorrect settings for two zones which have pet tolerant detectors (texecom PW), because they are not picking me up at all. Ive set them as double pole EOL. Is this right?

Thanks for any help :)
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Thanks Mark, problem is I want entry and exit times to be different on that zone. I can see that exit time can be adjusted for two different zones, but they share a common entry time.
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Don't you mean entry time , the exit time is common ! You can set to final door set if it's a contact
Yep sorry, exit time is common. I'm needing to set this zone exit time longer as it's a garage and need time to get to car, open automatic door, drive car out and close the door afterward before its set.

I suppose I could just have a common exit time that meets the needs of this zone and keep everything in the same area, but then that gives too much time on entry for the other entry/exit zones I feel. It's working as is for now. I'll have a tinker with the settings again at some other point when I've got a bit more time to spare.

I'm now wanting to trigger some relays or x10 light switches to switch a couple of circuits I have built into the house that override the outside security lights so that in alarm condition it lights up the outside like blackpool illuminations. Probably do the same for some interior lights too.

I'm a little disappointed with the strobe on the odyssey 5 bellbox almost invisible in the daytime and not great at night. Certainly not the bright flashing I'm used to by any means at all.
I am with sparkymarka on this set to final exit and on the same area, that way the entry.exit zone goes active then secure and the system sets, that would give you any time you like, the arming mode being e/e not timed. CONTACT only.

e.1 an e/e 2 will give you the separate entry times.

I have some 5 compacts and I can see the strobe flash in the day, but cant see the led's during the day so well, that's were the Odyssey X is a lot better.
I can see the Leds (green) clear as anything in the day. The strobe is actually hard to see over the Leds!

Will try the different config on entry exit see how it works.

Will probably get an odyssey X as the main bell box and shift this one to another place.
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