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8 Nov 2016
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I am stalling my Premier Elite 48 panel (v3.0.2) with a Ricochet 32 XP-W expander. I have 12 PIR's which are a mix of DT-W and QD-W. Whenever I use the Ricochet Monitor Software I cannot see the signal security values. I installed the PIRs using the 'Learn Ricochet' menu from the keypad. I have read the instruction for the 32 XP-W expander and it refers to learning devices using the 'Configure Radio' menu. I am now concerned the PIRs have been learnt using the wrong menu which is the reason the signal security values are not displayed.

Is there a difference between learning the device using the 'Learn Ricochet' or 'Configure Radio' menus?

Although the 32 XP-W appears to work correctly I have noticed there is no expander supply voltage shown in the Online Status and Control diagnostics. Is this normal as the voltage and current is displayed correctly for the panel?




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Configure radio was the term used on older panels ! And you won't see any voltage readings on the radio expander as wireless devices don't consume any power from the radio expander
It take between 20 /30 minutes for the security signal strength information to download from the ricochet.You need to connect and leave it.
The 32XP-w & 8xpw manual used to state version of panel and expander and the relevant learning modes, current panels should be learn ricochet or learn via the zones, in zone setup.

configure radio is the old way of doing things, you can learn on a zone or via learn ricochet.

when you add a supervised device (not a smart key), then you would need to establish the mesh network(commissioning).

This is done by placing the wireless panel in commissioning mode, or putting the wireless expander in tamper.

I would recommend connecting to the panel with wintex and open ricochet monitor during the commissioning process as this will show the signal security and when the process is 100% complete rather than guess work.

If any devices show in red then you need to look into what you can do with these devices to give better signal security.
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Many thanks for all the feedback and I will follow the advice. I am mindful of the signal strength as all of my walls, floors and ceilings are made of brick or concrete which is one of the reasons that I selected the ricochet product.
Looking at your ricochet plan they seem OK ?
With richochet if signal strength is poor detector will bounce of another device with a stronger signal
I agree that signal strength looks good and I am not experiencing any signal drop outs. A few years ago I had a Scantronic panel with wireless PIRs and they would drop off line intermittently due to weak signal strength and I want to avoid the same issue with the ricochet units. Whilst it's early days, I have been pleased so far because the Scantronic PIRs were problematic from the start and I needed to move some units to improve the signal strength which has not been the case with the ricochet units.
Only problem I have had is battery life in the dualtec model the door contacts and pir are all great

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