Texecom Veritas R8 tamper problem - how to tell which?

29 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
Does anyone know how to tell which tamper circuit has triggered the alarm in a Veritas R8?

My alarm maintainer advised me over the phone (after an activation) that if you hit the omit button with the relevant alarm activation displayed in the history, it will flash one of the LEDs so I did this, and it showed 1 flashing.

He reckoned this was the bell box tamper - but just out curiosity, I took the lid off a PIR to trigger an alarm and that gave the same result!

I can't find this info anywhere in the install/user manuals.

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1 = bell tamper and global tamper
3 = lid tamper inc. rkp
5 = rkp offline

pg 25 of the engineers manual.
Ahhh that explains it - thanks. Pity they couldn't be helpful and separate global from the bell tamper. :(

I've checked a large percentage of the global tamper circuit already and can't find anything - and if something was loose there, I'm pretty sure I'd have found it.

I'm thinking as it happened three times within the space of an hour in the middle of the night, it may well be temperature (i.e. something has contracted) related which is probably why he suggested the bell box as opposed to internal wiring. Bell box was actually changed on the last mtce visit too.

Looking at the diagram in the install manual (don't have engineer manual) it looks like I may be able to disconnect the bell tamper wire and tie its screw terminal to 0v to see if stops it misbehaving?
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You could split the tampers and measure each ones resistance to see if anything obviously jumps out.

You can also split the global into two (or more), keeping one group on the GT terminals, and the other(s) on spare (or temporarilty disconnected) zone(s), programmed to 24hr.

You can narrow down which zone is causing you trouble.
I had this, turn AC off, take lid off main unit, disconnect battery, get multimeter and set to DC to check continuity, put 1 probe on the global tamper loop starting at zone (1) tamper (1) and work along with other probe, you should here a beep from meter, the first contact that doesn`t beep has the fault, mine was a PIR, just stretched the spring and that did the trick.
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