Veritas R8 false alarm

18 Nov 2002
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United Kingdom
Hi guys

Need some advice regarding false alarms on my Veritas R8 system.

Gone in to false alarm twice in the last week. In the past I have been able to see where the problem is from the log event, but on the last 2 occasions the log just shows Tamper but not which zone.

Can I narrow the problem down , or do I have to check everything ( Bell box, control panel PIR's and keypads )


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You can't really narrow it down much with a global tamper, check everything.
depends on the age of the unit and if you have access to the engineers code.

You may be able to narrow it down a little.

see similar threads on how to get more information on the tamper source.

into engineering, view the event log that says tamper and press OMIT.

a number between 1 and 8 will be displayed, this does not relate to the zone, but the type of tamper.

1. Bell/auxiliary tamper (hardest to find if its the auxiliary tamper as you may have many zones sharing the tamper.) especially if its intermitterant.

2. power

3. panel lid or keypad lid tamper (common after a battery replacement as lid not put on properly.

4. line monitor (r8+/excel panels only)

5. RKP offline

6. Code pin tamper

7. keypad pa / pa code entered

8. EOL (r8+/excel panels only)
Thanks secureiam

I checked the tamper as suggested and number 5 lit up ( RKP offline? ).

Don't know if it as a coincidence but I bought a new R8 control box in Oct last year which came with a remote keypad which I used to replace one that was very grubby. I wired this in myself but got an alarm engineer to replace the control box. I have an old style keypad upstairs also.

I cannot remember if I set an address on the new keypad but earlier today I checked the configuration in the programming menu and zones 1 and 2 lit up suggesting they were configured ( instruction book says zone will flash if not configured)

Instruction book says : if a RKP is configured , but offline the system will have a TAMPER fault. What does offline mean ?

System just went into false alarm before I started typing again while unset.

Thanks in advance for any further advice
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thats good as you have narrowed down what needs looking at.

theres a 09 option in engineering for configure keypads, if you do that option it should tell you what keypads the system sees/ brings online, if you have 2 different numbers show up thats good, if not then look at the dips on the keypads to see if they are different from each other and match that displayed when you do configure keypad.

Now if my memory serves me correctly, there is a possibility that the dip switches may not work the same way on each keypad, but you can play and confirm easily enough, I seem to recall the led and lcd dips getting mixed or something but old age and a bad week in the field I wouldnt want to commit.

The 09 will tell you what the system sees.
Hi secureiam

I did the configuration check and numbers 1 & 2 lit up, which says in instructions that the 2 keypads are configured, as neither of the 2 zone lights were flashing.

As the log event shows keypad offline I am confused as to what this means if the keypads show as being configured.

Could you explain if you think a keypad is still the problem.


you have said the fault is intermittant, and as such I would check the wiring of the keypads to see if anything is showing and voltage getting to the keypads.

unfortunatley until its permanently lost its going to be difficult to say where the problem is but you can check the keypads and wiring out to see if theres anything suspect.

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