Things you wished you'd done with your kids..

Anobium, i know it must hurt seriously, but, this is what we have to put up with when you love.

My dad died 3 yrs ago, local, but he beat us as kids, when he died, i did'nt feel a thing, Now, i think that's been a good thing, i just carried on with my life.

Now i have my own family, very attached to each other, i know this pain will come, they say we live in hell.
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Er indoors would like to add something with regard to the thread title.

"taken more pictures".

As we all take them when young, but as they are getting older the frequency of taking pictures has decreased considerably.

So now we are going to get a nice new decent digi camera to capture them.
Thats assuming they ever come off the computers to enable us to get a frontal shot :D
My eldest son passed away 3 weeks ago and I would give up everything I own just to have him back.
He was relatively young and had been ill for a long time but we still had good times and we have wonderful memories.
I truly feel sorry for those who do not appreciate their children, don't leave it to late or you may regret it.
When it comes down to it at the end of the day all your material things count for nothing when you lose a child.
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Did a job today where a plumber has left a pensioner with no toilet or shower for 3 weeks. His daughter of 51 has 6 months. Last night when he told me he got choked up and so did I.
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