This cold snap killed my car, any ideas why & how to fix

4 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
I've got a Ford Escort LX 1994 with 120,000 on the clock. Since a few days ago after the temps dropped my car hasn't started. When I now turn the key it turns over but doesn't start. I charged up the battery over night, so it went in the car full and warm but still nothing. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to cars but from browsing the net would I be right in thinking that the engine oil could have thickened due to the cold or that the spark plug might have went?

If you have any idea whats up then please post as the bus jounry to work is awful.

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Got the car off my mate for free in March. They had it for 1 yr and a bit and they didn't get it serviced. So I guess a over 2yrs ago. Just got to add that I've prob done about 2000miles since I got it, only just started using it to get to work.
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You dont say how fast the engine cranks over, does it sound about normal speed or slower than usual ?

Cold weather is a definate battery killer and although it may well charge up and give 12v or so batteries often break down under load ie when starting.

I suggest you try another known good battery.

Very often there will be enough to crank an engine over but not enough to create an effective spark.

Consider also a defective spark plug or spark plug lead that could be tracking to earth thus destroying any high tension spark.