thorn emi apollo pilot light

24 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a Thorn EMI Apollo boiler and the pilot light gave me some trouble last year but it finnaly stayed lit throughout the winter. This year however i could not get it to stay lit. I replaced the thermocouple, and the pilot still wont stay lit. I fitted the thermocouple as i saw it but should the two ends be connected loosely or firmly or doesn't it matter? The End of the thermo couple is in the flame and does glow red. Any ideas i could try?, short of calling out a professional?
suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Hi Pete,
This is probably not what you want to hear...but get a Corgi in.
You've interfered with the combution chamber and its seal.
Even if the boiler worked, you'd still run the risk of fumes seeping out if its not done properly.
Also, the thermocouple on these have an interrupter on them so they're not standard ones.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but its the best advice I can give you.
On a more positive note, get it serviced while he's at it and you'll be right for another year.
Good luck
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I dont know if this is important, but the end of the thermo couple which inserts into the boiler ( not pilot light end ) is flat ended, on the old thermocouple it was bullet ended. Is there a part variance? And would it make a difference? I know i will burn in the fires of hell ( or my kitchen ) for taking off the cover of my boiler and thinking i know anything but any help greatly appreciated.
Thanks for previos replies
I've had all sorts of problems with my pilot light on my Thorn Apollo

Tried cheapo way = intermittent and unreliable

Ended up paying for the thing to be fully done by a pro only to find out it wasn't running properly in the first place, hopefully will be ok when fixed tomorrow
sounds to me like interupter /over head stat is faulty .. pull out the plastic spades on the gas valve and screw straight in the the valve there fore by passing the safety devise .. does it work now ?
remeber this is only for testing and please dont run the boiler in this state .purely fault diagnosis.
Thanks Packman and 2face. I could call out a corgi registered engineer, but i am moving house soon so would rather a temprary fix rather than an overhaul, If i were staying in the property i would do this.
The thermo stat runs as two wires from the thermocouple up to a widget that sits on one of the pipes, Isn't it to cut out the boiler if your water gets overheated? Well i think it is £10 to replace it, I don't see how i could test it by bypassing it. There are two spades screwed into the interuppter which then run to the stat widget which sits on the pipe.
I wouldn't mind paying for a service before selling the property as i don't want to kill the next occupants. Any reputable corgi engineers anyone would stick their neck out to refer in the Cardiff Area?
( i really thought it could be the thermocouple end )
Thanks for the help
You would screw the tc straight into the gas valve by unscrewing the housing with the spade connectors in it.

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