tile adhesive and mdf

26 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
ok ive read the replies about using mdf for my bath side panel and am going to give it a go in the confidence that my grout will be water tight and wont leak, plus there shouldnt be any water going over the side of my bath anyway :)

so can i use tile adhesive straight onto mdf????

the mdf primer ive seen is more than the mdf so im hopeing i can tile straigh on and be brave
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im thinking just score the surface and drill some holes to give it some grip

what do you think my chances are of them staying on if i can waterproof it all well
I think it's a popular misconception that because it says "water resistant" on the grout then it means that it won't let water pass through it. It really means that it will withstand being wet without breaking down.
Think about it, if you wet the tiles and grout, does the water bead on the grout like it does on the tiles? Nope. The grout gets wet and it soaks in.
That's why it says "not for use in swimming pools" on the grout.
Feel free to use the mdf (it'll probably be ok), but just remember that you didn't listen to the advice you were given. What'll it cost you to take the mdf back and change it for ply or aquapanel? Not much and the job would be done right.
i cant take the mdf back as i have cut it to size last night :)

plus to get my mate back up with his car would be a pain as it wont go in my bmw :(

im going to give it a bash, its a bath side panel not a shower wall so im thinking it shouldnt get wet anyway other than a bit of steam
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Good luck then.
Bloody useless those BMWs for carrying anything. I used to have a 535 and the back seats were fixed so they wouldn't fold down. I find the Tranny can carry a bit more. :D
i would give anything for a 525, my 3 series coupe is poop :) for transporting stuff anyway, have to rely on my mates for things like mdf

ill be posting agin in 2 weeks about how to take tiles off mdf but its all part of the learning curve

my biggest question is will the adhesive take to the mdf
by the way how did u pursuade a tranny to carry around ur wood and stuff for u ;)

would have thought they would be worried about ladders in the tights

If you're intending to use MDF as a tiling substrate, then at least coat that MDF with something waterproof first to act as a barrier against water getting into the MDF.

If you don't have any proper water proofing membrane made for this purpose, I'd at least paint that MDF with the glossiest oil based paint you have (and allow to dry) before tiling over it.

That would at least minimize any water absorbtion into the MDF if it does get past the grout.
If it's not too late I would use a flexible adhesive on the bath panel, oh and flexible grout too

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