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18 May 2010
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United Kingdom
I need the kitchen and hallway tiled in a porcelain 60cm X 60cm tile. The hallway is wooden and the kitchen is concrete.
Area's shown below. The builder suggested using a self leveling concrete and using 6mm plywood in the hall.

Utility = 6.31m² concrete
Kitchen & Dining Area = 24.00m² concrete
Hall = 14.43m² wood
Wc = 2.37m² concrete
Porch = 3.14m² concrete

I am supplying the tiles, grout and adhesive.

The builder has quoted £2613.00 labour to lay the tiles and put the self levelling down + plyboard.

He said this work would take 5 days.

A local friend recommended a good tiler and he came over and quoted £1100 for labour (to lay tiles only) - he said it would take him up to 10 days.

Can anyone advise what i should be paying and also if i got the builder to just self level and do the plywood what i should be paying?
Also what should i be paying for the adhesive and grout?

sorry for the long thread but I what to know I'm paying the right price.

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i see your from aberdeen.
i dont know what the price per m2 is up there bud..
600x600mm porc...i would guess 25-35 bucks per m2.. you could ask them a price per m2 and also a day rate..

for time scale again cant comment there..how many fixer/fixers will been on the job and how good are they.
imo get at least 3 quotes from (tile fixers) they do this for a living(no offence to builders. :D .)

for your subtrates.. no to the 6mm ply(not strong enough)
you will need to secure exsisting wood floor(hall)then overboard with a cementbased backerboard...no deflection at all..
for the wooden floor and concrete floor you will need an exspansion strip/joint between them..(exspand and contract at differant rates).or you could use ditra uncoupling matt all over both differant subsrates.
for concrtete floor you will want this slightly roughed up(sanded)..to remove any skin/latiance from it,then apply an acrylic primer up the room then across the rooms(full coverage).

as for adhesive and grout..ardex/bal/mapei//weber..
as for prices your appionnted tile fixer will get you a better deal(trade price).
tictic";p="1620687 said:
i see your from aberdeen.

sorry im from bham - for some reason my profile says that - il work out how to change it now.

The tiles are £32 Sqm but the supplier said he can get it into the £23/£25 mark.

Thanks for your advice. Lets just say i trusted what the tiler said a lot more than the builder and felt the builder was taking the P with the prices.

The builders fitting price is £48.00 per m2 + £201.00 materials. I also need to supply the grout and adhesive ontop of this.
aberdeen now birimgham.... :LOL: :LOL: sometimes i dont know if i am coming or going bud... :LOL: :LOL:

addy/grout prices....last line of my reply ..ment your tile fixer will get you a good price for these..he should have a trade card with a few tile shops.
hang off from buying these,as tile fixers like to use certain mfr adhesive and grouts bud..well most do.. ;)
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hang off from buying these,as tile fixers like to use certain mfr adhesive and grouts bud..well most do.. ;)

well said Davie mate
and as previously stated NO WAY to 6mm overboard, unless ya want the porcelain to start cracking, to much flex in 6mm
Had another quote from a local tiler a friend recommended and his pricing is a bit more sensible.

adhesive :£305
Grout £45
self leveling £190
self lev labour £150

6mm plyboard 8 sheets 8' X 4' fitted £275

+ £1100 to fit the tiles


then i have brought the tiles for £1200.00 (50.25 Square Metres)

your thoughts please on the tiler quote. I thought the plyboard was a bit expensive. I can get it from selco for £94 delivered - so quite a bit for him to fit and supply at £275?

Also do you think 6mm plyboard is ok? builder thinks so, tiling company think so but i had a quote off another tiler and he said no way, use hardibacker board as 6mm was too thin?

Those are big brittle tiles. The slightest flexing will lead to cracking. Ditra matting is a good idea (as already mentioned).
6mm ply.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ..he aint a tile fixer.. if thats what he is quoting/recommeding... :rolleyes:

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