Tiling the Garage floor? not sure if right decision

11 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
This is something I have been undecided on for a long time.
My garage is approx 45sqm and the floor has been power floated when it was built 5 years ago.
It get used for a mix of storing cars and working on cars. I know there is an issue with painting the floor so want a better solution.
I've looked at the rubber/plastic tiles but they would cost in excess of £1000 !
Years ago I knew a guy that tiled his garage with what I believe were normal floor tiles. It was great!

But I have a few things I need advise about.
Do I worry about porcelain or ceramic? Cost is obviously an issue.
Alot of tiles say they are for indoor use only. Is a non-heated garage indoor?
Would I have a problem with cheap tiles? (saw in diy shop yesterday some for £5 per sqm)
Or could I just buy some seconds?

Thanks in advance.
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I had a dusty 30 sq mtr garage floor (concrete doesn't have to be dusty, why is it?) and I thought I would eventually brush it away. I looked at the plastic interlocking tiles and was quoted £750. In the end I bought a new lot off ebay for half that price, interlocking 'dotted' type about 7mm thick. They are a great success, not rucking up under the car wheels and giving a great feel when you walk on them.

I did consider tiling the floor as a not all that cheaper alternative. Tiles marked indoor use only are liable to blow in frost. It's probably only the leading edge you need to worry about but nevertheless it's not something you want to worry about. Porcelain tiles are reputedly frost-proof, so those are the ones to go for. I don't see why cheap tiles shouldn't be fine.

Of course with a tiled floor you have to worry more about a level base and then you have to lay them, with plastic it's a reasonably fun job and they will accommodate some imperfections in levels. They do get water underneath them from car drips, but it dries up.

I prepared my floor by several hours of hard dusty work 'rubbing' the surface with a hard brick. This levelled the trowelling marks and small lumps. I then sealed it with a proprietary sealer - does it soak that stuff up! The tiles have no marks or wear so far after about a year's use, but I haven't put and equipment on them with sharp edges. I guess you just have to be reasonable with them.
Thanks for the info Kes.
The plastic ones could be the easiest option.
Whenever I look at the tiles on ebay, I always wonder if they are just cheap copies, as they don't always mention being really suited for garage use.
Do you have any info on the ones you got? ebay link?
tiles come in grades, what your looking for is a grade 5 tiles, ok for outdoors and weight.

these are mostly porcelain but there are others that come under this catagory.

happy hunting.
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The 'Best Step' or fatigue or exercise flooring are lightweight foam stuff and unsuitable. You want pvc interlocking such as Heuga or similar, solid PVC around 7 mm.

I can only find item no 170269988767 on ebay, these appear to be similar to what I have (but not the TVR). Unfortunately they are £24 a sq mtr so you are looking at £1000 again. You shouldn't have such a large garage. Occasionally something comes up but you have to watch and wait. It took about 6 months for me to catch mine.

Ah, item 120313189029 is also the dog's, but at a rather shocking price.

Good luck in your search, ebay isn't the only outlet.

Oh yes, when you find someone ask for a sample, then you can see what you're getting.
i'm pretty sure that if a non-outdoor tile isn't allowed to get wet then frost should not be a problem.

any out door product or product that is subject to temperature well below freezing should be solid bedded.

leave no voids that could hold water.
don't touch ceramic they will be no way near strong enough. Kerastar do a range that alot off car showrooms use and there perfect for what you want, cause there non slip too (very important). otherwise like the other bloke said you need a 5 grade porcelain tile. don't touch the b&q or equivalent stuff it wont last. unfortunately you really do get what you pay for when it comes to tiles............... good hunting :D

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