Tilt and Slide Balcony door

26 Jul 2008
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United Kingdom

The handle on my balcony door appears to be broken (it just spins round) and I can't open the door. Its only got an internal handle and I can't see any way to remove this (no grub screws etc..).

It appears to have a multipoint lock that has "si" on it but I can only just see that through a small gap!...
Any ideas on how I can release the door? Or remove the handle?
Here are some photos of the handle...
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Hi again,

Ok, I finally got it off (resorted to a hacksaw on the screw I could get too....) and no other damage! :cool:

It is made by Si and has a plate rather than a shaft, any ideas where I can buy one of these?? I've had a search around and no-one seems to have this type.... :cry:
try these people
if they wont deal direct they will put you in touch with a lockal locksmith who can help.
btw if the handle has snapped then maybe there is more of a problem?bare this in mind.if the part where the handle goes in is also broken (the gear mech) then that may need replacing also,striker plates adjusting etc,it could become a large job.
the SI gear mechs are easy to replace by someone who knows what there doing,expect 1-2 hours labour from a proffessional to open the door and replace the gear mech
Hi yandownie,

Thanks for the reply, I'll check them out...

The handle has a gear inside to turn the handle movement into up/down for the plate that connects to the door mechanism, and that gear is in about 10 pieces! Suprised such a soft metal is used!

The gearing on the door all appears to be working at it all operates as expected (all be it with a screw driver to lock/open) without the handle attached.
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the soft material used is fine for the mech so long as theres no binding on any of the locking plates,this is probably the cause of the failure,they do wear out very quickly if the door is tight to lock,the same applies to standard upvc doors
if you buy the gear mech (about £30) and fit it yourself pack it with plenty of grease to help prolong its life

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