Tilt & Slide patio doors

10 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom
We are going to replace the patio doors in the house, and we like the sound of the tilt & slide patio doors. I know that Rehau is one of the manufacturers, and we have seen them in Weru showroom.

Now, Weru ones we were told by the salesman would be £2k+, and that it is just too much for us. I have been to another shop for the front/back doors and they do these tilt&slide doors for the size we need at about £1000 plus the colour option, which sounds much more reasonable to us.

Now we have ran into a problem. The company that could do them has very small showroom and don't have on display or to show. I went on Rehau website and contacted few showrooms around me and none of them have these doors on display.

We live in North West, and I really want to see these doors before buying them. We don't want slide and fold ones, and the usual in-line sliding ones are ok, but we really don't like the handles they all come with (well - the ones we saw, we visited 4 or 5 showrooms already!)

Does anyone know where in North West I could see the tilt&slide doors in action? I could travel anywhere between Manchester/Liverpool and Lancaster, maybe even a bit more North to the Lakes, if I knew I will find them there.
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I would if it wasn't such a long drive!!!!

I take you have installed ;)

Can I ask you some questions abut the doors? Would you recommend them? Where they in the house when you moved in or did you choose them?

Can you tell them how they work? I can see the pictures, but there is nothing like someone telling from experience. Are they easy to move?

Do they tilt at turning the handle 90 degrees, and then when you turn the handle more, they slide? (Well, that is what I expect, but you never know!) Do they have handle on both sides and can be locked in tilt position?

Sorry for all the questions, but I can't seem to find any info on them. One of the showrooms told me 'we only fit probably one of these every 12 months, so we don't have them on display' - I wanted to reply that if you had them on display, maybe you would fit more, as it is impossible to find them!
I'll try my best to answer your questions.
I had them installed by a friend in the Joinery/PVC window trade and my missus chose them over french doors, as we/she believed them to be more secure.
You are correct in saying that they tilt at the 90 degree turn of the handle, then pull back at the 180 degree turn, so they can slide to open and visa versa to return to tilt and close.
The handle is on the inside only and can be locked in the tilt position.
I had mine fitted about 2 years ago, I cut an existing window out to form a doorway between the dining room and patio.
The doorway is about 2.5 metres wide and cost me just under £1000 for the door and fitting.
I like it, easy to use and looks the part, so I would recommend them.
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Thanks - that is great! I think that is the most useful info I found so far.

We already have a patio door - in-line sliding one, probably since the house was built, so 20+ years, and the glazing is misting in between the glass panes. We even had ice on the inside of the door last winter. We couldn't do anything about it so far, as we were renting, but now since we are buying the house, we want to be warm and safe!

I found a supplier that can fit them for us, and we were quoted £980 + colour option, as we will want to match the outside colour to the windows.
I'm sorry I can't direct you to a showroom, we picked ours out of brochure.
There are plenty of manufacturers of them in your area, but showrooms I wouldn't know.
So all I can tell you is of my liking to them and how they operate.
So, I emailed Rehau for more information, but it looks like we will be going for this anyway...

Does anyone else have any experience with this kind of door?

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